Some of us like to go the extra mile and splash out money on rare cars while others prefer to keep it safe and buy one which is evidently popular with the audience. Mostly, this would happen in cases where we are looking to buy cars for family use and want all the basic features included in it along with the latest ones (especially the security features). Space of course is a decisive factor, but by far, the most important one would be price. I have put together a list of the best selling cars of this year which appear to have all of these a good looking exterior, excellent features and make for an overall amazing drive. Their great fuel economy and affordability also accounts for their popularity and not surprisingly, the cars in this list are largely made by the major players in the automobile industry.

Ford Explorer:

Ford Explorer

We all know why Ford is on top of the world right now, and their Explorer is yet another glaring piece of evidence (not that it is entirely perfect and without flaws). It has an optional four cylinder engine which is turbo charged and accounts for excellent fuel economy (better than most of this class), but for this very reason it does not have a very high performance on the road (in terms of power). Although, it fares well on bumpy roads and over long distances, yet sacrificing performance would definitely be worth it considering the money you will be saving on fuel in the long run. It contains a V6 engine, and interior wise it is definitely good looking, but you will find that its competitors have more to offer in terms of comfort, style and space. Its features are a little confusing to operate and touch infotainment system is not very efficient (drivers say it does not work at times). However, it has still been very popular with a mind blowing 86, 646 models being sold in the US alone, a 33.8 percent jump from the last year’s sale of the previous model of which 63, 269 models were sold. It is quite affordable considering it is a Ford car with a price range of $28,789 to $39,954.

Nissan Pathfinder:

Nissan Pathfinder

This car is more of a midsize SUV and is particularly famous because of its very comfortable interior. High quality materials have been used to make the seating. The car has a good design overall, so it makes for a comfortable ride, especially if you are planning to cover a long distance. Although, the third row is slightly cramped, you will like the innovative middle seat through which access to the last row is easy. The front and middle seats are heated and all of them are made of leather (definitely a plus point for me). It has a great fuel economy with its V6 engine and provides continuous variable transmission. Most drivers complained about the off road capability of the previous model, but they will most definitely be happy about the 2013 model’s sure footed drive. It has all the basic features such as six speaker stereo, automatic climate control and an excellent infotainment and navigation system which is easy to use (an annoying problem I think most cars of this class have). Its price range is $28,097 to $40,007 which makes it quite affordable; this is the main reason for its very successful sales statistics in the US with 38,179 models sold. This figure is a whopping 202 percent increase from the sale of its previous model over the same time period last year.

Mazda CX-5:

Mazda CX-5

The Mazda CX-5 is one of the most affordable compact SUVs in the market and I would say, one of the best too. It offers an excellent fuel economy, controlling it is very easy and smooth and its manual transmission is almost perfect. I would emphasize on the controlling point, because this is the best in this price range. It contains a four cylinder engine and drives at a power of 155 hp. Its six speed manual transmission is also worth noting, as it shifts smoothly. The interior is also excellent, thanks for the quality material used in the making. It also offers comfortable front and rear seats (although they might get cramped for three people but that is a problem in most SUVs). However, its features, as compared to the rest of the cars on this list (or the ones in the same price range for that matter) are not really worth praising with Bluetooth and a navigation system being optional (in most cars at least Bluetooth is a standard feature). I personally love its exterior which has a sports car touch to it and is quite pleasant to look at. Overall, driving it is an enjoyable and smooth experience which is probably the reason why 31,801 cars have been sold by May this year; a 171.8 percent increase than last year’s sales. Its price is within a quite affordable range of $20,995 to $28,595.


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