The current iteration of VW’s second smallest car is an award winning one. Widely regarded as essentially a smaller Golf, it is one of the very best superminis on the market today.


Here are five reasons that you should consider it if you’re on the hunt for a set of brand new wheels.

1.  Variety

That’s right – there’s a Polo for just about anyone these days. If you’re just looking for something really economical that’ll get you from A to B, then the BlueMotion range could well be for you. Incredible efficiency is to be found there. If, however, you want something with a bit more pep, then the GTI is the answer. Not quite as quick as the legendary Golf, but arguably just as fun. Take a look at the Orangewheels price list to get an idea of what’s on offer and how much it costs.

2.  Quality

Not all superminis are cut from the same cloth. When budgets are in mind, quality and refinement are usually the first things to go. Several competitors will have low quality and basic interiors because of this. That’s not the case with the Polo however interior materials are soft to the touch and very well put-together. It feels like a premium vehicle.

3.  Cachet

The VW badge on the bonnet certainly tells people that this is not a budget automobile, and the design of the current model certainly shows that the designers were looking to make things a little upmarket. The Polo is a very classy and good looking little car these days. Nobody think you’ll have gone for the budget option, even if you choose a lower trim level. The newer models have adopted a more modern, angular design which has unparalleled aesthetics in this price range.

4.  Reliability

VW have generally enjoyed a good reputation for making reliably cars, and the Polo is and always has been one of the better ones. If hassle-free motoring is a priority, then this is definitely a contender. Parts may be slightly more expensive than budget rivals, but if you’re buying new the warranty should see you through.

5.  Affordability

The entire Polo range is very good value for money, and this really is strengthened by excellent resale values. This is particularly important when buying a brand new vehicle some of the cheaper options in this class may cost you less in the beginning, but they’re also likely to lose more value over the lifetime of ownership, so things could certainly break even. Do your research.


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