The Ford Mustang, a sporty coupe that originated in the mid 1960s, has had a large effect on the concept of the sports car as it manifested in later generations and styles. The model essentially created what is known as the “pony car” – cars that have short rear decks, long hoods, and a generally sporty yet casual feel.


The Mustang evolved from Ford’s previous sports car the Ford Falcon. This was a compact car that came in a number of varieties and was extremely popular throughout the 60s. The Falcon was first offered in 1960, and the Mustang, first introduced to the public in 1964, followed. This provided a platform for the development of the Ford Mustang. Some people at the time called the Mustang a “1964 and 1/2” model, and that name is often used to refer to its model year, since it was introduced on April 17th or 1964 at the New York World’s Fair.

The name Mustang and much of the initial design, by some accounts, can be credited to John Najjar Ferzely. Working with another Ford designer named Philip T. Clark, Ferzely created the first Ford Mustang prototype. Ferzely based the name on p-51 Mustang fighter planes.

Some, however, beg to differ, saying that instead the Mustang name was suggested by Robert J. Eggert, the Ford division market research manager, after receiving a present from his wife of a book called The Mustangs. Either way, the name was given to Ford’s sporty new concept car. It has since taken on iconic status. The actual design of the Mustang (beyond the prototype stage mentioned above) was done by Blake Braun and Ryan Littlewood.

The Mustang made its first formal appearance at the racetrack. Watkins glen drove this initial Mustang at the U.S. Grand Prix in Watkins Glen, NY. – running it around the track in order to demonstrate its capabilities. The Mustang proved itself admirably, coming in only slightly behind other F1 race cars. A 22 year old school teacher named Gail Wise was the first person to buy a Ford Mustang. The sale took place on April 15, 1964. She had been looking at cars at a dealership’s showroom, and hadn’t found anything that she wanted to potentially purchase. The dealer then said that he had a very new car in the back, and showed it to her. She bought it, and the rest is history. Today you can find Mustangs, both new and old. We checked a local Gastonis NC dealer’s website to see just exactly what is available. Looking at the used Ford cars at Tindol Ford we found six used Mustangs in stock, ranging from a 2001 model all the way up to a modern 2013 model.  For new inventory Tindol now features the 2014 Mustang lineup. If you are a Mustang fan its likely you have an opinion about whether old school or new school models are the best. Luckily there is such a wide range of Mustangs readily available, you can likely get your hands on the exact vehicle you want.

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