Ford has been in the family car business for years, and it shows. They usually look beautiful, are often reliable and very easy to handle. One model that has always been particularly popular with families is the Ford Focus and the 2015 model looks to be no exception. But with more competition than ever on the market and luxurious family models from brands such as Mercedes and Porsche, is it still the best car for your family. Here is our review of the 2015 Ford Focus hatchback.

Style & Looks

If an alien arrived on planet earth and asked what a family car was, we would probably show them a picture of a Ford Focus. It is the stereotypical family vehicle with four doors and the look of a car that can take to the roads with ease. But this year, there is something different. The focus looks like it has come from another time, far into the future when cars resemble hi tech gadgets. The sleek headlights curve around the body with a beautiful effect and the lines cut into the bonnet give the car the look of not a machine, but an animal.


Inside, the car has the same futuristic design with slanted air conditioning vents and plenty of extra gadgets and gizmos that you can have installed. For instance, you can buy the car with parking sensors so that you will never have to worry about bumping the pavement again. The seats come in a wide range of different styles and colours but if we were you, we would opt for the classic, black leather. Although the boot is small compared to other family models, it will be more than adequate for your weekly shop.



It certainly feels like an animal out on the roads as well. We know it is a family car so you will not be racing around in it, but if you choose to take the vehicle to its limit, you will not be disappointed. It has a tremendous speed for this type of car, taking 0-60 in 6.5 seconds and it will take corners with ease. Not once did we feel like the car was taking over, we were always in the driver’s seat and it felt fantastic.

Fuel Usage

In 2015, we are all about fuel economy. That is why you will be happy to learn that if you pick a focus up from a place like O’fallon car dealerships, it will save you money out on the roads. You can buy the car with either a petrol or diesel engine and both are very fuel efficient. If you drive in a way that conserves fuel you can get as much as 66 miles per gallon, a number we find very impressive.


Finally, we know as a parent your main concern will be safety and the focus will not let you down. It has an excellent stopping distance if you need to perform an emergency break. The ford focus earned the maximum five-star rating in safety when tested by Euro NCAP tests so you should have no worry here.

So, do we think the ford focus still holds up as a fantastic family car? We certainly do, and you should definitely consider it if you are thinking about buying a new Ford for your family.

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