Best Upcoming Bikes in 2019

This post is for all the bike lovers out there. We have gathered a list of the best upcoming motorbikes in 2019 that you should keep a lookout for doubtlessly. 2019 is going to bring some of the best bikes. Here are some of those bikes that are worth waiting:

Harley Davidson FXDR 114:

bikes in 2019

Harley Davidson has been the king of cruiser motorbikes for a long time. Like always, this year they are back again with an all-new massive machine that is bound to blow your mind. The FDXR is a unique big Harley, designed in a way that it gives you pure adrenaline rushing experience whenever you are on it. The soft tail based FDX 114 is an impressive piece of style with its lean angles, 43mm inverted fork, and a forward riding position, which makes it same like a standard naked bike. This chef d’oeuvre comes with a Milwaukee-eight 114 engine, which produces a torque of 119ft./lb. on top of all that, now you can customize your FDX 114. If you want to look more appealing while riding your FDX wear an XXS motorcycle jacket.

Kawasaki Z900RS:

Kawasaki Z900RS

Retro is back in action. Kawasaki has brought back its classic Z1 with an all-new retro model; Z900RS that is jam-packed with the latest technology. It is indeed a contemporary version of a Japanese sports bike. It comes with a 948-cc inline four-cylinder engine, which makes it a beast full of torque. This beauty comes with a thickly padded relaxing seat, which is at a height of 32.8 inches. This bike is well suited for everything from everyday commuting to weekend trips. Moreover, for all the style freaks out there Z900RS café version is going to be the new style statement this year, but if you pair it with a leather motorcycling jacket, it will look awesome and for cheap motorcycle jackets check your nearby markets.

Indian FTR 1200:

Indian FTR 1200

After relaunching its brand in 2013, Indian has been producing some of the most remarkable cruisers. However, this year is going to see an extra sportier Indian and believe us! It’s stunning. The FTR 1200 S has a 1203-cc twin engine that can produce a power of 120 horses, which can easily support the bike’s weight of 500 lbs. It is different from a typical Indian, which usually has more classical dynamics.



BMW has been producing off roader dual bikes since the 1980s. However, these adventuresome bikes are affordable as well. The new GS is BMW’s retake on its G310R. This bike comes with off-road chops and 7.1 inches front fork suspension with 19-inch front wheel and tire. In addition to this long suspension, it has a low seat of 32.9-inch height. Still, if a rider wants a lower position, then they can buy the 32.3-inch seat.

Honda Monkey:

Honda Monkey

The classic minibike from the late ’60s and ’70s is back with a bang! Honda’s new Monkey is a remake of its classical Z50. This new monkey is just 231 lbs. moreover, has tiny 12-inch wheels and big padded seats. These features make the monkey a fun ride. Monkey is an accurate depiction of an old-school retro bike that is perfect for roaming around in urban areas.


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