DIY Car Projects

Working on your car is not only a rewarding way to save money, but it also gives you a good feeling to get the work done yourself. The money you save can be significant, and when you do the work you have a better understanding of how your car operates. Here are four great DIY projects that are perfect for anyone can learn to do quickly. 

Do Your Own Oil Change

Oil Change

An oil change is one of the easiest jobs to get started on, and it only takes about a half-hour to get done. You need a drain pan, some wrenches, a jack and jack stands, and the oil and oil filter your car’s manufacturer recommends. If you have a truck or SUV, you may even be able to skip the jack, saving you a bit more hassle and time. To do an oil change, you simply set up the drain pan, remove the oil plug, and drain the oil. Then replace the plug, remove the oil filter, and replace it with the new filter. The last step is to refill the car to the proper oil level.

Replace Your Serpentine Belt

Replacing a serpentine belt, also known as an accessory or drive belt, is also an easy project for the beginner of DIY car repair. This job typically takes less than 10 minutes. All you need is the right serpentine belt for your car and a large wrench to fit into the pulley system. The task is simple: Take the tension off the support pulley using your wrench, and remove the old belt paying close attention to how the belt is routed around the pulleys. Get your new belt, and route that one the same way the old one was installed. Release the tension from the wrench, and you’re done.

Change Your Car’s Air Filter

Regularly replacing your car’s air filter is an important part of your car’s maintenance. This is also a very easy project anyone can do. The job typically requires little to no tools. You simply open the hood of your car, locate the air filter box, and replace the old air filter with a new filter made for your specific vehicle. Often, the air box has quick release snap locks, but you may need to unbolt or unscrew them. So you may need to have wrenches and some screwdrivers. 

Starting with these three projects will help save you money, and they don’t take lots of effort to learn. These simple projects are a great way to start in DIY car repair and help you better understand the vehicle you drive. If you’re still unsure if you can handle these projects, there are tons of tutorials you can find online to help you learn everything you need to know to work on your specific vehicle. So, next time your car needs service, give it a go yourself. You’ll discover for yourself just how rewarding it can be.


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