One of the important aspects to consider before actually buying a car is its safety precaution features. With the alarming statistics on car accidents, you have all the reasons to go over the car you have in mind and see what it could do for you in times of emergencies. But if your choice car is one of Dodge’s creations, most likely, you won’t try settling for any other car after this. For all the safety features are already infused into the cars under this brand, it is more than just a head turner.


Dodge cars are known for its tough yet sleek look that could pass as a classic and hardcore car at the same time. It is the car that can be used for formal parties in the evening and as a race car by day time. But no matter how these Dodge cars are used (like Kayser used of Watertown), still, you can be assured that you are protected in the best way possible. Below are some of the features installed in cars under the Dodge brand.

Basic Safety Features

All Dodge cars have the following basic safety features: advanced front airbags, side curtain airbags and seat mounted airbags. These features automatically blow up when the car experience great impact brought by impacts from car crashes. It protects the passengers by keeping them in place and that helps prevent incidents like passengers being thrown back and hurting themselves horribly.

Accident Avoidance

The best way to avoid accidents is by choosing a car that has features that allows you to take control and keep you out of road trouble. Dodge cars have the rear path detection, rear park assist, blind spot monitoring, electronic stability control, Parksense and all speed traction control. These features keep the car in its best condition and protect the people inside from experiencing car accidents.

Speed Control

Dodge cars also have this speed traction control feature that allows you to keep track of your speed. This feature will keep you aware if you are still within the ideal speed limit or not.

Stability Control

This feature activates when the car sensed that you are having trouble maintaining your place on the road. It helps you get into your ideal directional control with the anti lock brake system, all speed traction control and brake assist. With this, you can be assured that the car is protecting you even though you are violating some driving rules.

Hill Start Feature

This is the feature that kept the cars in place when situated in elevated places. It kept the car from falling backwards thus would not harm any other cars at its back. With this, you will not have any trouble if you get stocked in an odd position on the road.

Knowing that your car has all these features, for sure you would feel at ease while driving. The Dodge car lets you focus on driving while it does everything else to secure your safety once you hit the road. Dodge cars totally understand the importance of safety that is why they engineered their cars to have the best protection scheme ever.


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