Driverless cars already have the green light in some countries, and many advocates think they will not only be a common sight in a decade, but they will actually improve public transportation as well. Experts at Glyndwr University think that the technology should already be tried in Wales because of the roads’ unique designation. According to them driverless technology could be benefited from in rural areas as they could significantly help the locals during their everyday activities. Not only they believe that but they have actually offered their opinion to the Welsh government in an official draft that included the basis of a future transport plan.

Self-Driving Car

“There is a decline in rural populations as more and more young people head into the city to find work and the offset of this has been that public transport links have become even more infrequent – and non-existent in some areas,” – Johnson said. The university did not stop at the driverless cars when it came to their suggestions. Another one of their ideas was the theoretical introduction of a new bus system that would incorporate a one-ticket system. There was also an idea where the government would electrify the coastal rail line, offering a quicker transportation into the cities.


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