This news of Ford ditching Microsoft and hanging up to Blackberry is much to be heard. Though the Ford Company representative have announced that they would keep the partnership with the Microsoft company yet the future in coming models will be on Blackberry’s QNX automotive unit. Also it is being heard that the last few models which are on Microsoft Sync infotainment system will also be shifted to Blackberry’s QNX software.

One of the major reasons for this partnership is that there have been a decrease in the vehicle rating issues and since the company’s repute is at stake, the Ford decided to move to Blackberry. According to Ford, the Blackberry’s system seems to be more reliable as well as cheaper than the Microsoft Windows based software.

The move from Microsoft to blackberry is not yet official and Ford is quiet on this as in words of Susannah Wesley, spokeswoman of Ford, “… We do not discuss of our work with others or speculate on future products for competitive reasons.”


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