There is overwhelming evidence that Ford holds sway as America’s best-selling brand in 2013 for a fourth consecutive year with upsurge in its annual sales record which set Ford Fiesta, Fusion, Escape and F-Series as record-breaker truck and vehicle for another straight year. As evidence, Ford Motor Company 2013 U.S. sales totalled 2,493,918 vehicles in respect to December sales, there are 218,058 vehicles up 2 percent with retail up 3 percent.


Generally, Ford brand closes out 2013 with 2,412,224 vehicles sold. It produced double-digit annual retail gains across its line-up with cars up 12 percent utilities up 13 percent and trucks up 17 percent. There are strong proofs that retail sales gains are more in the West with sales up 21 percent compared with Southeast with sales up 17 percent for the year.

Ford vice president, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service, John Felice, said: “December was a strong close to an even better year for Ford Motor Company. We saw strong growth across the entire Ford line-up and made significant gains in the import-dominated coastal markets. Strong demand for our new cars, utilities, hybrids and trucks provided Ford with the largest share point gain of any full-line automaker in 2013.”


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