With technology constantly evolving it’s not surprising latest models of the top cars are striving to be at the forefront of this innovation. Always aspiring to be the better, most powerful and economic when it comes to the mechanics of the car, we are now seeing attention switching to technology inside the car. Previously items such as a sun-roof, air con or electric windows would have been seen as extras to a basic model but with so many options available to customize your car buying, a new model doesn’t come as cheap.

Luckily, you don’t have to buy a new car if you want the spruce up your old one with the latest technology with companies producing gadgets that can be added to your car aiding your driving experience and in some cases making it safer.

Smart Phone Holder

smart phone holderImage Source: Pexels

A smartphone is now seen as more to people than just their phone and is prevalent nearly everywhere you go. Everybody knows it is illegal to be using your phone whilst driving but nowadays being more than just a phone it can also provide apps for GPS. If you don’t have this available in your car already via a built in sat nav there is another option – there is a variety of phone holders which can secure your device to your dashboard allowing you to still access this form of navigation safely whilst driving.

Heads-Up Display

heads-up displayImage Source: Flickr

Like something you would only expect to see in a futuristic movie, a heads up display, also known as HUD, is a transparent display that presents data without requiring users to look away from their usual viewpoints. They would be an optional extra on only the highest model of car but can now be purchased and added as a cool extra to the top of your dashboard. Projecting sat-nav, providing hands-free call details, journey info such as road speed limits and to give you updates on fuel economy are some of the many benefits without obstructing any vision.

Bluetooth Adaptor

bluetooth adaptorImage Source: Flickr

If you car doesn’t provide the technology to enable a wireless bluetooth connection you can buy adapters that can bring wireless audio to your car. Making it possible to stream music from other devices through to your car’s speakers and also the capability of answering your calls hands free. Most recent designs encompassing a variety of benefits and to suit all budgets with controls for listening to music and as a charging port for other devices. Plug into the audio points or the lighter sockets these can be a great addition to your car.

Tyre Pressure Monitors

tyre pressure monitorImage Source: Flickr

Tyre are not only important for supporting your car but keeping tyre pressure at the appropriate level will support the weight of your car whilst absorbing shocks from the road. Keeping them at the right pressure will lengthen tyre life and maintaining them to wear evenly. A tyre pressure monitor can be fitted onto your tyre valves. Depending on what type you buy and the technology available in your car information can be sent via bluetooth either to your phone or plug in monitors can be purchased enabling warnings to be sent if a tyre is dropping below a specified pressure and some models being able to monitor temperatures and if there is a rapid loss of pressure to pre warn if there might be a more serious problem and might need to stop on a journey.

Dash Cam

dash camImage Source: Wikimedia

Car Dash Cameras have become more prevalent in modern cars. With many different types to fit every car, they can look the part sitting on the dashboard or hidden on the back of the rear view mirror. Being used to replay a stunning drive they are more commonly being used for security purposes or in the case of an accident with a dual camera option having a second camera as a rear Dash Cam to provide evidence with many insurance companies providing discounts with the use of them.

Reversing Camera

reversing cameraImage Source: Flickr

Making parking easier can seem a perk for many drivers with some new models of cars having the capabilities to park themselves. But if you do not have these aids built in and struggle you can buy a camera that will fit to the back of your car to enable a back view of your car and the space you are aiming to park. Not only will this provide convenience to parking but will also give you the confidence to park without damaging your car or hurting anyone by alerting you if there is an obstruction nearby.

GPS Vehicle Tracker

GPS vehicle trackerImage Source: Wikipedia

For some buying a car could be the biggest purchase you have ever made, even being seen as your pride and joy. With new innovations in GPS technology it is now possible for GPS trackers to be installed into the electrics of your car or a more portable solution which can be fitted to the car body. Keeping track of your car through your mobile devices can help you find your car in the event it is stolen or even if you have misplaced it in a car park with higher spec trackers having the ability to contact the police in the event of theft.

Portable Jump Starter/Compressor

jump cables

Do you worry about being stuck with a flat tyre or battery? You can take some of this fear away by keeping a jump starter with compressor in your car on your journeys. A portable battery with the capability of jump starting your car as well as the option to re fill the air pressure in your tyre enough to safely get you home depending on your situation. Coming in as the complete emergency saviour these are available to buy in various sizes depending on the power you would need for your car and also comprising a built in torch and output socket to help you in your emergency.

In the Event of an Accident

Even with the added peace of mind these extra safety gadgets can bring, you can take steps to prevent some accidents but you can never make yourself completely safe from other drivers. In the event someone does hit your car you would be entitled to claim against them. If you are unsure how to make a compensation claim for a car accident, a legal expert can help you to understand if you are eligible and what compensation you may be entitled to.


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