At the turn of the century, hybrid cars were only a concept of the future. But now, as technology in the automobile field has expanded so rapidly, they have become a commodity that may be found in every second household. Prior to them becoming so common, hybrid cars were considered to be expensive and not worth spending so much money on.

Now, with the technology much easier to develop, major manufacturers have been able to bring the consumer cost down to minimum levels with it just expected to get cheaper with time.

Instead of going for the much higher end models made by luxury manufacturers, there are a number of variations available for an economical price that will not break the bank. Talking about hybrid vehicles, affordability is something most people consider when shopping around for one, and when the question is about going green, than it should not be expensive in the first place.

The following are the cheapest and least expensive hybrid cars of 2013:

1.  2013 Honda Insight – $18,600

2013 Honda Insight

Honda is a top quality name in the automobile market and with the 2013 Insight, it definitely did not fail to impress. With a price tag of just $18,600, there is not much more to ask for, making it the least expensive hybrid car of 2013.

2.  2013 Toyota Prius C – $19,080

2013 Toyota Prius C

An entry level model for those looking to get the best of both worlds, the Toyota Prius C is a great car to start with. With a stellar fuel economy and reasonable pricing and a roomy interior, it is one of the better options on this list. Not to mention that it also has a great, sporty look.

This model of the Prius comes in four different variations and goes all the way up to $23,360 with all of them being a 1.5L, 4-cyl engine. According to the statistics, Toyota has written that the Prius C gives a 53 city and 46 highway mpg mileage.

3.  2013 Honda CR-Z — $19,975

2013 Honda CR-Z

This Honda hybrid is certainly a great looking car that drives as good as it look as well. With just a two-seat interior, it is certainly one that many not be a good choice for a family but more suitable for students and single individuals.

4.  2013 Toyota Prius — $24,200

2013 Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is a pioneer in the field of hybrids and definitely established itself as one of the best available in the market today, and will continue to be for sure. For owners that have owned previous models, this one is definitely the best because of the desirability and advancements with time.

5.  2013 Honda Civic Hybrid — $24,360

2013 Honda Civic Hybrid

Honda certainly knows how to make a comeback as they fought back to win consumers and their loyalty. It came one year after a poor design that brought down the wrath of critics to one of the largest manufacturers in the world of automobiles. The best thing about the Honda Civic Hybrid is that it is still a proper sized sedan and give you the luster of being a green, economical car.

6.  2013 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid — $24,985

2013 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

With an upscale interior and being a long lasting family sedan, the Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid is one great car for the price tag that it comes with for sure. There are a number of different models like the turbo and the eco ones that have taken over the stage. Trying the Malibu should be a good idea for those with families and especially for those looking for the most for their buck.

7.  2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid — $24,995

PI-VR GmbH vred 5.5

German automobiles have always been loved by people around the world and the Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid is another reason why that is so. With about 45 mpg, the Jetta may come at a price tag higher than the others but has a great value for the money. It is also quick to accelerate and is a smooth ride.

While it may not be much from the last few in this list, the Jetta holds a special place as also being one of those cars that have established themselves as brands altogether.

8.  2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid — $25,200

Ford C-Max Hybrid

American made has its own benefits. The Ford C-Max hybrid is one that is a compact crossover of a wagon and minivan, which is why it is such a great fit for anyone looking for the best size and minimum price. It also has great mileage and a high quality interior and responsive handling. The driving position in this model has also been praised by critics but the braking could have been a lot better.

9.  2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid — $25,6507

2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Most people may be confused as to why Hyundai is so far down into the list, but the fact is that this company did not really look at keeping things on the cheaper end, but actually wanted this to be a car that people would compare with others. When looking for hybrids, most people look in the eco specific category but fail to look at regular models, while this certainly is not the case when talking about the Sonata. It is dashing at first look and is a good reason to break from the crowd.

It costs thousands more than a regular Sonata, but many buyers will testify to the fact that those extra dollars spent were definitely worth it.

10.  2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid — $26,140

2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid

One of the best selling cars in history, the 2013 Toyota Camry has become a favorite in the hybrid category as well because of the size of being a family sedan and still being light on the pocket. Most people think tiny when thinking about hybrids, but the Camry certainly breaks those barriers and is a solid car for tough driving. With an accommodating interior for the family, amazing fuel economy and excellent breaking, it is one of the best choices to make for the longer run.


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