Taking a giant leap in its project for self-driving cars, US giant Google has unveiled the new prototype that comes sans any manual controls. The company believes that the vehicles launched by them will outperform many humans in the driving caliber. Strangely, self-driving car is common in California and Nevada, where many of legislators in favor of supporting vehicles that run with just passive control by humans.

The company wasn’t to take the technology to the point where people can call a car, which will take them to destination and then leave for the next caller.

The self-driving car presented earlier last week is a complete new effort, with no chance for the passengers to change the speed or control the direction and brakes. Among the key features is the absence of steering wheel. Also, users won’t find an accelerator pedal, as well, as the software and sensors of the car will take care of everything. The top speed of this stunning invention is limited to just 40 kilometers per hour, which is quite an indicator that the car is designed for utility more than speed.

Self-Driving Car

Also, the Google self-driving car comes light with regards to comforts. There are just two seats with seatbelts with a space for the essential things along with buttons that are meant for just start and stop. The car also has a screen that will show the route. The new prototype runs on two motors, which ensure if one fails, other can keep the car going. The same theory applies for the brakes, as well. Among the safety features is crash protection, and the new car will have its own ways to avoid pedestrians and other road users.

Many automakers have been working on automated models, although there is no completely autonomous car in the market as if now, which certainly makes Google’s prototype worth the hype.


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