Graphene is being used in new batteries for electric cars. South Korean scientists have been working hard to make it easier for this component to be used in supercapacitors that may be used in lieu of traditional batteries that many electric cars are already using.

Specifically, the supercapacitor will store energy into its surface through static electricity. The supercapacitor is made of graphene, a carbon form that is very thin and can cover a greater deal of energy. That is, it can store more energy on average than a traditional lithium-ion battery.

In addition, the battery can be charged up very quickly. It can be charged in about four minutes on average. This makes it to where energy can be generated quickly and will not be all that hard to use in any circumstance.

This is a unique feature that makes it to where it will not be too hard to get the battery ready while the user will not be at risk of charging it far too often or having to waste hours to actually get it charged as demanded. It could make for a big evolution in terms of how electric car batteries can develop and be used over time.


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