With an unbelievable speed of 435 kph, the new fastest car of the planet, Hennessey’s Venom GT, has arrived on the scene, beating Bugatti Veyron, the previous best in terms of speed. Having broken all the past records, this incredible sports car achieve this mammoth speed with its 7 liter twin turbo V8 engine.

Venom GT, which has been manufactured by the US firm, Hennessey, has set this record during a test drive at Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, a track specially made for space shuttles. However, the car has not found a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as yet, because they require a vehicle to do at least two test runs, one with the wind and the second against it.

The driver of Venom GT, Brian Smith claims that the car has the potential to register higher speeds.


Hennessy’s Venom GT

The world’s fastest car has an amazing sporty appearance thanks to the lotus exige silhouette. The vehicle’s body is designed by Steve Everitt, who has been associated with Hennessy for several years now, having designed many wonderful cars. With a retractable rear wing, deep air intake on the side as well as the roof and low frontal area, the Venom GT appears like a low-slung coupe.


The engineers have deliberately kept the weight to a minimum to enhance the speed and acceleration. The production curb weight of the Venom GT is less than 2,400 lbs. In addition, the car possesses carbon fiber bodywork and wheels, which are quite light.


With six-piston calipers, Hennessy has used Brembo brakes to enhance the stopping power.


Hennessy’s Venom GT - Back

The production of the car is likely to be restricted to 10 vehicles per year, with the manufacturer having already received four car orders. Hennessy is expected to make a network of dealers and distributors in Asia, Australia, Europe, Russia and Middle East.


The base price of the car has been set at $950,000.


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