Honda, one of the largest production vehicle manufacturers in the world, launched a conversational series titled Start Something Special this year in August. The series features a number of Honda-loyal customers who have been using the company’s vehicle(s) and are more than satisfied with their purchase.

The telecast is being aired on National Brand TV and a complete social media movement has also been launched by Honda Motors Co. to interact with Honda-loyal car owners. The purpose of this telecast is to communicate the importance that Honda has had throughout the lives of many and how has the experience been throughout.

Honda’s social media pages are not far behind either. The #StartSomething hashtag is being used on portals such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Vine and Instagram by Honda owners to share their stories with the mammoth car producer. All stories will be collected at the company’s promotional website;

Honda surprises a newly-wed couple

The Japanese car manufacturing giant did not just stop there. A couple, Mairead and Kevin, loaned three Honda CR-Vs in Black. The couple has long been loyal Honda customers – both of them have owned 20 vehicles from the manufacturer altogether. Honda surprised the couple soon as they walked outside the church following the ceremony and saw eight Black CR-Vs parked outside.
The couple was struck with awe as each Honda came packed with surprises such as Irish step dancers, the band they heard on their first date and other delights that made the day unforgettable.

About National Brand TV

The show, broken into two spots, will be aired starting 10/29 with the first spot named “Thank You”. A range of pictures and videos will be shown sharing different stories of extremely loyal Honda car owners showing how have their Hondas been “more than a car.” The spots are reported to air on the NHL network during the NFL games.


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