Honda has always experimented with some interesting concepts and ideas in the field of automobiles. Honda has now joined hands with Miyakojima City and Toshiba Corporation to start the text driving of the MC-beta which is the new Honda micro-sized EV that makes use of photovoltaic energy. Honda claims that this will allow them to focus on better technologies in the future and they would like to see how the vehicle performs on real road conditions. This is not the first time that Honda has decided to team up with certain city to experiment how their vehicle will operate in certain environment.

Honda New Micro-sized EV

The new MC-Beta will also focus on how this micro sized vehicle will make use of renewable energy and for this they would like to take some help of the local community. Honda also claims that this will offer CO2 free society and that is something that they would like to explore. Honda has also come up with similar such experiments for their MC-Beta vehicle in Kumamoto Prefecture and Saitama City in November 2013. Honda stated that for experimenting how their vehicle performs they will charge from three new PV charge stations that have been built by Toshiba.

Honda New Micro-sized EV Back

Honda believes that these small cars will make it easy for the consumers to travel short distance while saving their energy resources. Some of the tests conducted will also focus on CO2 emissions and energy cost reduction and verification results. Honda also believes that this will be a real time experiment where they will be able to measure if they can offer CO2 emission free vehicle to the city while offering freedom of mobility. On the other hand, Honda is also experimenting with new technologies that can be incorporated to offer better joy and mobility to the consumers while keeping in mind strict requirements to keep the environment safe.


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