Car consumers today are more inclined towards use of new technologies that allow them to save more fuel and make the best use of their vehicles. Hyundai has been experimenting with their new car models and they have that their new fuel cell microsite has received tremendous response with more than 88,000 unique visitors in the month of November alone when it was introduced. Hyundai also revealed that all the consumers that have been selected for the program can drive Tucson Fuel Cell for $499 per month that also includes free hydrogen refueling and At Your Service valet maintenance at no extra cost.

2015 Hyundai Tucson FCEV

Hyundai also stated that initially this program will be available to limited customers in the Los Angeles Orange County area for 36 month term and consumers will have to pay down payment amount of $2,999. Consumers will also get Hyundai Assurance program which will allow them to make use of their new CUV in a better way. Hyundai has come up with this program because they believe that fuel cell technology will only improve and increase in the future and many consumers would adopt to zero emission vehicles in the future.

Hyundai also believes that consumers will experience lot of benefits when they drive the new Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell vehicle. One of the major benefits is that it offers a drive range of 250 to 300 miles. It also has the capability to refuel itself in the same time as gasoline vehicles. It also offers better electric motor torque and is reliable and durable even in tough weather conditions. Hyundai has also tested the vehicle from safety point of view and has successfully completed crash, fire and leak tests. Hyundai also mentioned that the production for Tucson Fuel Cell will begin in April 2014 for the United States market. However, Hyundai has still not provided any price information about their new fuel cell vehicle.


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