On the 20th anniversary of Audi Rs division, the beautiful RS4 Avant Nogaro was introduced at Geneva Motor show. The car obviously won the show now let’s take a look on its amazing features causing that thrill.


From the blue and black theme of the car to the elite Avant Nogaro paint work the interior resembles that of RS2. Valcano and Alcantra leather seats, more badgings, and carbon inlays on the interior while black roof, slot trims and black glossy windows are added to the exterior.

The new Nogaro has a speed of 174mph with 0-62mph in 4.7 sec. 2.2 liter Turbocharged five cylinder engine owning 310bhp. Manually active lock system at rear axle with 6 speed manual transmission.

There is no news about its availability in United Kingdom. The rumor about price is that it is around €87,300.


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