When looking for a large saloon, our minds are normally cast to Germany. They’re the go to for business class cars. However, Jaguar are once again throwing themselves into the ring; this time however, with a car ready to blow the Germans out of the water.

The XJR575 has, as you can guess, 575hp. Therefore, this car is no slouch. Whilst it may encase you in the finest leathers, it still has the power to outrun pretty much anything on the road. Under the bonnet is a fire breathing V8, paired to an eight-speed torque converter auto; a perfect match. The car is quoted to reach 186mph and hit 62mph in just 4.4 seconds.

Jaguar XJR575Image Source: Wikimedia

The exterior may split opinions, considering this car will most likely be aimed at business executives and the like, the design is rather flash. Black alloys, lowered suspension and a revised rear spoiler certainly give it a sporty aesthetic compared to the standard car, however these are necessary to control the cars mammoth power reserve. Inside the seats are treated to diamond stitching and better bolsters to hold you in when you start throwing it around back lanes. Thankfully, the old infotainment screen has been replaced by a new 10-inch screen system; this a vast improvement over their previous system.

Despite the cars incredible size, when you’ve shut the driver’s door and ignited that snarling V8 you forget about its limo-like characteristics. The selectable driving modes really make a difference in this car, in normal mode, the car whirs away quietly as it eats up the miles. Put it into sport and a growl resonates from the sports exhaust, it isn’t overly loud like the F-Type, they’ve found the perfect level. Despite the cars large mass, the brakes do a stellar job of bringing the Jag to a stop time after time. In manual mode, the gearbox is a dream, slick shifts keep you perfectly in the power band and ready to push on.

With most sport orientated cars, you have to expect a relatively uncomfortable ride to get the best out of the suspension. Somehow, Jaguar have been able to give a silky-smooth ride under normal conditions whilst also staying perfectly flat even in the hardest corners.

The car starts out at £93,710. However, this is a figure we fear will diminish rapidly when the car leaves the showroom. The car has its own little market segment. It has the pace to match a Porsche Panamera, but has the practicality of 5 seats. The Mercedes S65 AMG may be quicker, but driving it like on the limit feels wrong.

‘I love big Jags, they just ooze class and sophistication. This particular example has everything you’d expect from a typical luxury saloon, but pairs it with performance to embarrass most entry level supercars. It’s a car for every scenario.’ Tom Wilde, Saxon Bridge.


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