Not long ago, if you wanted to purchase an American-built pickup truck you had a few choices: a Chevrolet truck, a Ford truck and a RAM truck. However, for a while, there was another available truck – a Jeep. Yes, from 1947 until 1992, Jeep was a big manufacturer of pickup trucks and they were popular. Jeep’s last pickup truck was the XJ Cherokee-based Comanche, in case you were wondering.

Tens of thousands of Jeep SUVs have been sold by U.S dealerships in recent years, so why not bring about a pickup that Jeep used to produce? Well, knowing that the demand is there, and if you regularly follow car news, whether through websites like these or on social media, then you know that Jeep has been teasing us for a while that another Jeep pickup is in the works, and the wait is about to be over. We can assure you that this vehicle has really been worth sitting around for! We really can’t wait for it to arrive! Continue reading to learn about why we are in love with this upcoming vehicle!

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Fiat Chrysler’s Official Announcement

We recently received an official announcement from Jeep states that there is another Wrangler-based pickup truck coming out soon. That’s per a chat with Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne and Jeep global chief Mike Manley. Both Manley and Marchionne say that this new pickup will be completed and be ready for driving in late 2017. ”Sergio and I work very, very closely on the Jeep product portfolio, and both of us have been a fan of a potential Wrangler pickup,” he indicated. “For me, there is a historical place in our lineup for it.”

What Led to Jeep’s Decision to Release this Pickup

While Jeep considered launching the truck as a stand-alone model (in other words, not a Wrangler-based truck), Jeep made the decision to use the long-wheelbase version of the Wrangler, fit it with a pickup bed, and add extra features. Jeep enthusiasts will note that it bears a resemblance to the old CJ-8 Scrambler that was manufactured throughout the 1980s.


Marchionne and Manley have stated that Jeep’s upcoming truck will be built alongside the next-generation Wrangler in Ohio. The pickup is scheduled to arrive before the end of 2017. Cars in Trend has indicated that this truck will have traditional solid axles. More concrete details will be announced closer to this vehicle’s release date! However, we can tell you that we believe that failure isn’t an option with this vehicle; journalists insist that this new Wrangler-based pickup will be extremely popular.


Jeep enthusiasts are a loyal bunch and have a tendency to remain with the brand. For those that own a Jeep product now and are in the market for a truck, the new Wrangler truck will be a natural. Thank you very much to the Sales Manager from this local car dealership in Marshfield, MO, for the help provided on this article!


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