Luxury, posh interiors, unbeatable performance – are all these the features that you are looking for in a car? If yes, Mercedes Benz S-class is a MUST option to be considered. The name of Mercedes Benz is inseparable from the list of luxury and stylish cars. It has its own class and appeal. There are various model to Mercedes available in the market today.

Let’s discuss about the features, pros and cons of Benz S-class here:

2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe - Exterior

With regards to price, it falls in the higher band but the drivers do not regret the money they have paid to get this beauty home. The 2012 Mercedes Benz S-class comes with impressive interiors and highly capable overall performance. Looking at this, critics have rated it as 8.3 in terms of performance and it has won an overall score of 8.8. Comparing it with few other cars of the same class, one may not find the best features like we have in Audi A8 or Porsche. But the study says that all the competitor models came into existence as the result of either a redesign work or completely new in the recent years whereas S-class still has the same base as what existed in 2007. It continues to have the same sober and elegant look and there are lot of lovers of this simplicity. It is difficult for the competitors to hit the market of Benz S-class.

2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe - Interior

Although within these few years, there have been lot of new launches in the automobile industry, S-class has managed to be in the top list and gives a good competition to our stalemates. Its luxury components, sophisticated interiors and fuel efficient has won hearts of millions making it an absolutely luxury sedan. Apart from these “Die For” features, it gives a quite ride to its drivers hence reducing the noise pollution in the environment. Few of the shopaholics like to go with the new S350 Bluetech diesel. The main reason for this being it has few brilliant new attributes in addition to the heart winning Pros of the S-series. Along with luxury and opulent cabin, it comes with an exceptional fuel efficacy and all-wheel drive. According to one of the vehicle magazines, “it is spacious and luxurious and its precision German engineering is evident in almost every detail”. This four door five passenger sedan offers the latest in technology and style. A turbocharger is also included as an economical means of increasing and improved performance. It includes cabin that is made out of leather, power trunk assist, heated and ventilated seats- both front and back, high tech wipers and power strengthened front seats. To increase illumination and clear vision at night, these cars come with higher intersity charged headlights. There is also room for fresh air to let the drivers enjoy the nature’s ride. Driver along with other passengers will totally enjoy the audio system which comes with a CD player along with mp3 player. To give maximum audio, the chamber is provided with 15 speakers. Isn’t a bliss for music lovers? Benz is known for providing utmost safety and security of its passengers.

2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe

Apart from the standard electronics, the sedan is provided with equipments like front and rear side impact airbags, an emergency communication system and four wheel disc brakes. Safety is further assured with the self leveling rear suspension. Air suspension makes sures that the ride is smooth even while driving on the uneven roads. Engine noise and wind can not make entry into the cabin. With plenty of leg and head space provided in the base mode, if you choose to provide extra space to all the passengers, you can choose to go with the long model.

With the positive feedback in terms of performance, fuel efficiency, comfort and luxury design, refined, classy, quiet ride, S-class has certain areas that need to be worked on. The electronic systems that are installed in the cabin are not that user friendly. In spite of being easy – to -use, these are slightly complicated. Another area of improvement is its transmission system. The steering is not as smooth as it is observed to be in other luxury sedans. The cost for this car falls in the upper band.


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