The Tokyo auto saloon is happening on the coming 11, 12& 13 January 2019. Mazda has revealed some images of the cars it will be exhibiting on the upcoming Tokyo Auto Saloon. The all-time favorite MX-5 is going to have a hardtop that is made from carbon fiber and they have named it as the Roadster Drop Head Coupe. After this add-on feature, the sales of MX-5 are going to increase, as more people will buy it because of its good handling and driving pleasure rather than just open-air motoring. Hardtops that were previously available with MX-5 were for a racing purpose and it was hard to handle because of that roll cage.

Mazda Miata MX- 5

Mazda MX- 5

Moreover, the MX-5 is also going to get a new front splitter, side skirts that are aerodynamic in design and 16-inch RAYS wheels as well as tow hooks, Recaro seats, and aluminum pedals. From a performance point of view, MX-5 is going to have a new flywheel, a high-performance air filter, and a limited slip differential.

On the other hand, Mazda is going to launch a completely new version of its Mazda3, which will be known as the Mazda3 Custom Style that will be based on the all-new model. From the rumors, we know that it will be having a body kit with front splitter, some extended side skirts, and a glossy black rear bumper. It will come with 18-inch BBS wheels.


Two more of the upcoming Mazda Specials are the Special versions of CX-5 and CX-8. The CX-5 will have a plastic body with coatings of aluminum inserts and will have an upgraded interior. The CX-8 will get 20-inch wheels, some interior improvements, and fake skid plates.


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