Marques like Mercedes-Benz have always been there to compete not only in the power, technology, design, and luxury, but also in the creative marketing and promotional strategies. I have always loved the way they attempt to take the lead through their advertisement campaigns.

It has just come to my notice that Mercedes-Benz has launched its media marketing campaign for its upcoming model. 2014 C-Class appears with much forceful promotional tactic to address the desired group of potential buyers. The advertisement campaign will communicate the anticipated audience via Print, Electronic, and Interactive media.

Mercedes-Benz seems vigorous with its breadwinner product and the highest selling premium model in medium class segment, C-Class. As this model has utmost contribution in the overall revenues of Mercedes-Benz, the German marque is being highly concerted with its market positioning.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The two things that stimulated me the most are campaign’s slogan, labeled as “The best knows no alternative” and the target audience description as “professionally successful and characterized by a sense of style and high quality consciousness”. With such propositions, the company has been able to tempt the prospective market segment.

Being specific with the commercial advertising, Mercedes-Benz has always been pursuing the prominent spot. For the upcoming C-Class, creative agency Jung von Matt has developed four print ad notions and a TV spot. As the ad campaign will hit more than 100 markets globally, the TV commercial regards all the three variants (AMG, EXCLUSIVE, and AVANTGRADE) as the best at any location in the world.

The blog post also gazes at the internet-based interactive highlights, ingeniously designed by Scholz & Volkmer. These online promotions provide users with a pre-test drive experience of the all-new C-Class features.

With such P.R. plans, Mercedes-Benz struggles to attain a distinct brand image, enduring as the market leader.


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