Mitsubishi and Nissan have announced joining forces to build an electric minicar that will not only be fantastic, but inexpensive too. This news comes after having already announced building a gasoline kei car together in the near future.

Mitsubishi built its first car in 1917, and they were one of the earliest makers to launch a battery-electric car in volume. So, you could say that Mitsubishi has had more than just a ‘little’ experience in the market. The first Datsun (Nissan) passenger car rolled off the assembly line in 1935, yet Nissan is one of the world’s highest volume sellers of electric vehicles today. Now, imagine if you took the technical experience behind Mitsubishi and combined that with the current success of Nissan. You just might have a hit on your hands, especially if the price was more than reasonable.


The duo announced their plans to build an electric love child by March of 2017, of which we have dubbed the “Mitsubissan Electric Minicar.” This is likely a desperate move by Mitsubishi to take advantage of some of Nissan’s thunder; and a strong play by Nissan to become the dominant world player of electric vehicles. Toyota is currently leading the market in hybrid vehicles, which leaves the ‘Mitsubissan’ with some pretty decent odds.


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