Most people will prefer a simple classic car model when they want a reliable and used luxury car. But what they don’t know is most modern luxury cars are also not prone to breakdowns.

Some of the car models you can rely on are the German marques: Mercedes and BMW. Unfortunately, not all Mercedes-Benz cars score well in reliability rank, but most have proved worth.

It is possible to find a vintage Mercedes-Benz model at a reasonable price, but it will be a little old. In the US, the average used car is about 12 years old. Therefore, in reliability, you should check at those cars built from 2008 onwards.

The moment you choose to buy a new or used luxury Mercedes s-class, the first thing to come to your mind is to search for “the most reliable Mercedes.” That means reliability is a significant factor to consider.

In this review, we have highlighted some of the most reliable Mercedes models. 

Let’s get started:

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Is Mercedes Reliable?

Most used reliable Mercedes car models are reliable. Again, this is the most reliable car on or off the road in Germany. The manufacturer makes vehicles worth your investment.

Mercedes cars are classy, and they are bundled with the latest technology. They are also ranked high for their excellent performance and build quality.

How long can Mercedes cars last?

You will not find a specific figure of the period these cars last. Some models will experience issues after hitting 50,000 miles, but others can go up to 200,000 miles. The most important determinant of how the car will last is maintenance.

Buying Used Mercedes Benz

If you want a nice car, then Mercedes Benz should be your priority. No need to drive a boring car, yet you’ll get an upscale and reliable Mercedes Benz costing the same price.

When you check the price of other new models such as Kia Optima, Acura, Ford Fusion (yawn), or Malibu, the price ranges to a low mileage Mercedes Benz.

It is not wrong to buy a used car. It is because you have allowed someone else to take a huge depreciation while driving a new car. So, even after you buy a new car model, it will begin to depreciate the moment you start to drive.

Remember that buying a Mercedes Benz car doesn’t mean there are no pitfalls. There are many challenges; the only thing you can do is to avoid them before investing.

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What are the Benefits of used Mercedes Benz?

Buying a used Mercedes Benz allows you to avoid the new-car sticker shock. These are luxury car models with integrated safety features. That makes them depreciate less rapidly over other economical cars. In other words, you will get a high-end car but without paying big bucks up front.

Here are the benefits:

  • Advanced features you’ll not find in other car models
  • A record of high-quality craftsmanship
  • Comfortable ride
  • Reputation for safety
  • Luxurious look and feel

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Most Reliable Mercedes Model

A few years ago, the Mercedes-Benz manufacturer was the most trustworthy and reliable automaker. Still, for many years, these car models have stacked up to competition due to reliability.

The highly preferred model is the E-Class. It is still the most favorable model across the world because it offers you a reasonable quality.

Like other luxury car models, the most reliable Mercedes c-class offers you a 4-year/50k mile warranty. So, if something goes wrong within the period, they can help service the vehicle.

Here are the topmost reliable Mercedes-Benz models:

  • 2012 Mercedes SL

2012 Mercedes SL

If you need an elegant and most reliable Mercedes model in the market, the 2012 Mercedes SL two-seater coupe is a great choice. The SL Class has various models, from a 3.7-liter V6 engine, SL500 with a V6 engine, and SL55 AMG. These models differ in their features. For the SL55 AMG model, it is much more comfortable even on rough roads. This is because it features a V8, which gives it a fantastic performance.

Car experts recommend the SL500 with slightly slower speeds. But the good thing, this model also offers you a smoother ride.

The SL500 model also features a responsive V6 engine with excellent diesel fuel economy. Users of this car model have given it high marks on visibility and how it performs in tight streets.

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  • 2008 Mercedes E-Class

2008 Mercedes E-Class

This is a superb investment model. It has four doors and five seats. The 2008 Mercedes E-Class falls in the category of sport luxury cars with superior handling.

It has highly responsive steering, and the vehicle can accelerate quickly. Moreover, this vehicle will even accelerate faster than most cars in the market. Plus, the model scores higher in the safety rankings.

If you want a luxurious Mercedes model with passenger and driver area, this model gets good marks. The downside is on the backseat arrangement because it is cramped. Another thing, it lacks much space for cargo; therefore, not the right model for the option.

  • 2010 Mercedes C-Class

2010 Mercedes C-Class

A 2010 Mercedes C-Class car model can be a great alternative for the most reliable Mercedes cars. This car model features a classy interior, panoramic glass sunroof providing sunlight to all passengers, and is very comfortable. Unlike other models, this has an excellent sound system; it has cutting-edge technology and 12 speakers.

The good thing, the front passenger and driver’s seat are wide and comfy. It has a showy exterior with a long wheelbase. In addition, this C-Class has various safety features like adaptive braking and traction/stability control.

Moreover, it has active front head restraints and eight airbags. The vehicle also has Agility Control – this is a feature that adapts the shocks from road conditions. But the amazing thing is, it has as much power and acceleration as other luxury Mercedes-Benz models.

  • 2015 Mercedes GLK-Class

Mercedes GLK-Class

The other reliable Mercedes car model is the GLK-Class. The car model features an upright look for maximum visibility and chisel. That’s why most people prefer this Mercedes-Benz model because of its superiority in suspension and handling.

In addition, the 2015 Mercedes GLK-Class has all-wheel drive. This is an essential feature that makes it stable while driving in snowy weather. The car turns into cramped settings, which are suitable for situations needing nimble cornering and excellent U-turns.

The model is equipped with a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that generates 302 HP, plenty of power, and excellent acceleration. The model also gives you a comfortable ride but will let in highway noise.

It is a small cargo, particularly when you put the rear seats up. If you get a used model, it should come with a premium package. The package may include a power lift-gate that makes it easier for you to put in and out of the car.

  • 2011 Mercedes CLS

2011 Mercedes CLS

This is among the best Mercedes-Benz car models in the market. It features elegant lines which set this sedan apart from the crowd. The interior is equipped with comfy, climate control, and heated seats.

If you want a used type of this model, it should offer premium plus packages. These include a 360-degree camera, electric seats featuring memory recall, an electric sunroom, and a sound system with 13 speakers.

This most reliable Mercedes sedan handles well while on the road, providing a stable ride and a standard suspension. On rough roads, you will feel them. But there is much comfort when driving on the highway.

Some users complain about this model. Those sitting in the rear are not comfortable because the headroom is cramped. But for the leg space, it is excellent. And this is one of the models with enough space in the trunk for your cargo.

Why Used Mercedes?

There are reasons why to pick a used Mercedes model over other car models. Some of these benefits include:

  • Features and Build Quality

When you buy a used Mercedes, it is likely to have more features than other old vehicles. If you compare it with Toyota or Honda, the most reliable Mercedes engine, materials and interior quality will be better.

Most reliable Mercedes s-class have walnut wood trim, illuminated buttons, sunroof, leather, power seats/windows, and more. More features such as traction control, cruise control, anti-lock brakes, multiple airbags, and adjustable seats come with a standard Mercedes.

  • Ride and Comfort

Used Mercedes-Benz will provide you with safe, luxurious, and comfortable ride quality. You can confirm this from an old Mercedes E-Class or S-Class mode with air suspension: it gives you an unforgettable drive experience.

Mercedes cars are built to impress; whether new or old, they will do it perfectly. Besides, this used Mercedes will still be more comfortable, luxurious, and superb ride quality than used Hyundai, Honda, or Toyota.

  • Depreciation

In every car make or model you buy, it will depreciate and not appreciate. This will sound strange because luxury cars only take a hit for five years. The car model will continue to depreciate like other models at the same rate, such as Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, and Toyota.

  • Appearance

Most reliable Mercedes SUV vehicles are attractive and sharp. Even after you find it after a decade, it gets attention. Not many other cars in the market can make this statement about success.

Tips for Buying a Used Reliable Mercedes

You shouldn’t buy a Mercedes model only because it is used and cheap. A good car is one in good shape and can offer you more years for happy driving. Therefore, you must research the same.

In your process of buying used most reliable Mercedes of all time car, consider these steps:

  • Check Reviews and Ratings Online

It depends on the luxury model you want to buy. For example, you may want a 2015 Mercedes. You can Google “2015 Mercedes c300 reviews.”

You will get more information about this specific car model. Read forums and see what the drivers like or don’t like about the model. Ask questions where possible for more reviews.

  • Check Vehicle History

Get a car history report on the one you have your eyes on. You can do that after finding a potential vehicle selling online. If not listed, then call them to get the VN before going to check it physically.

  • Do a System Scan

The important data you need is to get a complete system scan of the car. This means you will get information on faulty codes generated. And that is the reason to have a professional mechanic who can do a pre-vehicle inspection.

  • Get An Independent And Pre-Purchase Inspection

This is the last but most essential step. You need to find the car model you like and get a presale inspection. The report will guide you on the offer to make.

In addition, the report ensures you don’t buy a used car with lots of problems. These will cost you money and time for years to come.

What is the Difference Between Mercedes and BMW In Reliability?

Reliability in these German vehicles has confused most people. People want to know the most reliable brand, one that they can use for the long term. But after five to seven years, each brand will require its share of repair costs.

If the car isn’t liable, it will give you trouble most times, thus spending much time on maintenance. The good thing with Mercedes car models, they have sophisticated technology and work with supplier parts.

This is the reason behind the vast difference in execution and actual design, leading to many faults. BMW models, on the other hand, also get wear and tear. So, you will need to replace some expensive spare parts.

When you look at reliability, both manufacturers are the same, and they last longer in the market than other luxury brands.

Most Reliable Luxury Car

When you buy a used luxury car, it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get the privilege of the famous badge on the car. You can choose from many choices out there, and most of these luxury cars are budget friendly.

What does a used luxury car provide you? Buying a used car ensures you have a comfortable ride, long-term reliability, strong safety scores, and plenty of features. In this case, get a Mercedes E Class when safety is your priority.


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