True to its status and position as the second largest automobile company in Japan, Nissan Motors has come out with a vehicle that is amazing. Yes, it is one that will emit zero emission and what’s more will not require you to clean it!

The Nissan LEAF is the one under discussion. It is an electric car and therefore will not emit anything toxic into the environment. It also has been coated with a paint that can keep away any dirt, dust, water and even oil.

Nissan's Leaf Electric Car

This specially formulated paint that is superhydrophobic as well as oleophobic is a self cleaning one. It is called Ultra-Ever Dry and works by actually creating a layer of protection between the atmosphere and the paint. Water, dirt and dust cannot get splashed on the car exterior. Nissan would be the first company to introduce this unique technology.

The coating is still undergoing rigorous testing though by engineers and initial reports are very positive. While Nissan will not make this technology available to all its cars for the moment, it has plans to do so as aftermarket option in future. The LEAF, which is 100% electric, will be projected as the cleanest car with its exterior coated with Ultra-Ever Dry.


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