The most awaited Porsche mission E has finally made it back in news when Porsche released some details about its specs. The first one from the mission e is the upcoming Porsche Taycan; an all-electric sports car. This most awaited car is expected to make its official debut next year. But, today the German car maker has revealed some of its specs.

Porsche said that they have made 100 prototypes of the Mission-E taycan, which are currently being tested under extreme heat conditions in the western part of South Africa. According to Porsche, they will make sure that the new power train of mission e has been through millions of kilometers of tests before it is launched into production in the last of the upcoming year.

porsche taycan

According to sources, Porsche is said to be using two permanently synchronous motors (PSM) in the Taycan. According to the statement made by their drive unit project leader, Heiko Mayer “we opted for a permanently synchronous motor in taycan because they give strong sustained performance and maximum efficiency by combining it with high energy density.” We all know that Porsche has prior experience with PSM in the winning Le Mans 911-hybrid. The PSM can generate a combine output of 600hp+ which is roughly 440kW in a small drive unit. Mayer also said that they’re also working on making the motors and batteries smaller in size and lighter in weight without changing the power being produced.


Porsche has made the electric motor smaller by using the “hairpin technology design” which is in fact a solenoid coil. According to Naser Abu Daqqa; director of electric drive,” the coils being used are rectangular instead of round. This makes more wires coiled tightly which results in giving more copper to the coil machine and as a result the power and torque are increased.”

Porsche is focusing hard on increasing the battery time of Taycan. They’re currently aiming for 500kms+ or 310 miles range on a single charge. They have been considering to use the latest Li-ion battery technology of approximately 270 Wh/kg to achieve this range.

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Plus, Porsche is also working on fast charging solutions for its Taycan. It is expected to be the first passenger EV to work at 800 volts. Porsche claims that its Taycan will have a charging capacity of 350 kW which will be twice the current leading range of Tesla i.e. 120kW.

As far as the production is concerned, the German automaker has decided to produce 20,000 units per year.


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