Previously known as the G37, this coupe will take on a whole new look in 2016. Detroit’s 2015 auto show displays a preview of this car, one which many car lovers are now eagerly awaiting.

The design of this spectacular vehicle was inspired by one of last year’s displays, the Q50 Eau Rouge concept. A car which looks strong and classy, spectators have already pointed out that the style can be compared somewhat to the popular BMW 4 Series. Infiniti’s Q60 is set to compete with BMW next year, but with this more dramatic design.

While the G37 currently holds a VQ engine, the Q60 will be released boasting a twin-turbocharged V-6. While there are no specific figures regarding the engine as yet, Infiniti claims this engine will make the car more powerful than their previous models.

However, it’s not all about power with the Q60 – it is also set to be a more relaxing driving experience behind the wheel. With an electric power steering system that is more fast an flexible than before, the Vice President of Infiniti claims that this vehicle will go “beyond a flight-of fancy”


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