While automakers are trying their best to attract more people to their stalls, Shell has decided to make things interesting at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show. Shell has come up with their new Fuel Rewards Network program which is a free easy to use national reward program that allow consumers to get discounts when they are at Shell stations anywhere in Chicago. Shell has already made an announcement that Chicagoans can take advantage of this opportunity as show attendees can try their luck on the Spin to Save wheel that can allow them the chance to win up to 25 cents per gallon off the cost of fuel.

Shell believes that this will also offer them to interact with more people and consumers in Chicago. The team present said that with the help of this Fuel Reward Network program members can save money while they are purchasing fuel at more than 900 online merchants and they can also save more money by dining at more than 10,000 participating restaurants throughout the country. Shell’s new Fuel Rewards Network is free to join and Auto Show attendees can sign up to save more money while they are purchasing fuel or dining at some of the popular restaurants in the city.


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