Different autos are used in motor racing games to give players a real and enriching experience similar to driving real models. These cars are introduced to fans all over the world before having the opportunity to start racing with them during gaming. The introduction assists the players, and fans familiarize with the type of vehicles that will get featured in the new version of the racing game. On November 18th, 2014, Subaru informed car and game lovers about the unleashing of VIZIV GT Vision for Gran Turismo 6. These facts also got confirmed by Polyphony Digital, who indicated the existence of the Subaru automobile in version 1.14 of the 6th Gran Turismo game.

Subaru Reveals VIZIV GT Vision

The VIZIV GT Vision for Gran Turismo 6 will have a similar built like that of  VIZIV 2 Concept car by Subaru introduced this year. The shapes of dynamic and stylish nature express the desires of Subaru to give its customers autos that offer maximum driving power and pleasure while maintaining its safe standards. The customized spoiler, precise braking silhouette and gigantic diffuser will aid players and fans with an unmatched yet highly enjoyable experience.

Subaru Reveals VIZIV GT Vision for Gran Turismo 6

The weight of the model has also been reduced by approximately 1375 kilos through reducing the body structure design and body construction using low-weight carbon material. The virtual car gets energized by a turbo-charged 2-ltr engine which also offers a direct injection. The motorsport experience heightens through the use of three front and rear motors which yields an imaginary 591hp and highest torque of 800 Nm.

Subaru Reveals VIZIV GT Vision for Gran Turismo 6 - Back

Other excellent features added by the Subaru GT Vision include vectoring lights customized inside the fenders for torque and impeccable turning capabilities that significantly improves cornering.

With more models joining the Gran Turismo 6 including the M4 Safety Car and Chaparral Vision GT by BMW and GM respectively, the game is likely going to be the best motorsport ever invented.


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