When shopping for a new car it can be hard to decide what type of car to get. Do you go for the sportiness of a coupe, or the rugged power of a sport utility vehicle (SUV)? Well the good news is that with the introduction of crossover cars your decision has been made that little bit easier. This is because a crossover car has elements of both types of car. All crossover vehicles combine a car platform with, to varying degrees, features of both SUV’s and a passenger vehicle which is normally a station wagon or a hatchback. The Nissan Juke is a unique type of crossover because, unlike the usual crossover vehicles, it is a combination of the best features of both an SUV and a sports coupe.

Introducing the Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke NISMO

This unique combination has given the Nissan Juke a striking tough biotic look that is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. It has large wheels, almost blade like side rear windows that are similar to the Kia Soul and curved rear lights reminiscent of those sported by the Nissan 370Z. What is completely unique to the Juke, however, is its convex rear window which has steep rake limits that will reduce its ability to catch dirt. Under the bonnet the 1.6 engine returns an impressive 46mpg on touring route in eco mode and 41.1mpg in normal mode.


This tough look is continued throughout the Jukes motorcycle inspired interior. This look is no more evident that on the dashboard which, with its clustered aluminium framed dials, would not look out of place on a motorbike. The interesting details do not, however, stop there. There are interested details scattered throughout the car, from the leather upholstered steering wheel, to the abundance of cup holders and the large, chrome curved door handles. To top this all off the interior is adorned with such staples as an excellent stereo system which may be controlled by switches on the steering wheel. As well as the benefit of Nissan Dynamic Control System for the climate control, automatic headlights and locks etc.

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