At the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, Lexus will showcase a world premier of its all new ‘F’ model and the show will be held in America in January 2014. Lexus recently released a second preview image of the ‘F’ model for general public ahead of the show. The first image preview was made on 9th December and is followed by a second preview on 19 December 2013.  There are lots of information yet to be disclosed by the company however the big hint is the new F model will be a coupe with 2 doors and Lexus had announced the model with a catch phrase “Half the Doors, Twice the Power”. The phrase clearly shows that the new model will feature lots of changes compared to the previous ‘IS-F’ four door sedan.

Lexus didn’t disclose the name of this new F model however, it is expected that the new model will be “RC-F”, a model based on “RC” which was first appeared at Tokyo Motor Show 2013. Lexus shared “ The new F model was built from the ground up to offer the ultimate performance and dynamic capabilities that’s worthy of the F name. We will announce the name this new 2-door F model at the beginning of 2014. We promise a vehicle with bold, uncompromising performance, as well as a completely new design”.

According to the very latest updates, Lexus officially announced the name ‘RC-F’ for the new F model on a site set up by Lexus America specially for the show.


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