Cars can be incredibly expensive to repair or replace that’s why it is important that you keep your car in good condition by maintaining it properly.

By spending time regularly performing routine maintenance work and checks on your car, you can help to keep it in good shape and prevent breakdowns. Don’t let your car get into bad condition, take the time to look after it and maintain it properly.

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For our top tips for keeping your car in good shape, have a read of this.

1. Read Your Car’s Manual

Dig out your car’s manual and have a read of the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle. Don’t be tempted to discard the suggested maintenance schedule – it was created for a reason. By doing regular maintenance checks, you can fix problems before they become expensive.

Write down the details of your vehicle’s maintenance requirements and record the date they need to be performed in your diary or personal planner.

2. Take Care of Your Tyres

Set a date each month, for checking over your tyres – the first or last day of the month, tends to work well. Check each of your tires for air pressure levels and tread. It is important that your tyres are correctly inflated and aligned. Otherwise, they can cause an accident. It is especially important to check your tyres in the colder winter months.

Make sure that as well as your car’s tires, your spare is also in good, roadworthy condition. It is also a good idea to ensure that you have a kit in the boot to use to change a flat tire with.

If you are missing a spare tire or tire changing kit, visit Northwest Car Parts to get a spare tire or a new kit.

3. Check Your Engine

Of anything that could go wrong on a car, the engine is one of the most expensive things to get repaired. That’s why it is important to check and maintain your engine properly.

As well as checking your engine regularly, make sure also to look out for warning signs. Things like stalling and strange noises may be a sign that something is not right. If you notice any warning signs of engine trouble, book your car in to see a mechanic as soon as possible.

4. Keep an Eye on Your Oil

Make sure to check your oil regularly – regular oil changes can help to protect your cars engine. At least once a month, check your car’s oil levels and filter and make sure to change both regularly.

To check your engine oil, use the dipstick and clean cloth.

5. Check Your Car’s Fluids

As well as engine oil, there are other fluids in your car that are also important and need to be regularly checked.

For example, the coolant should be replaced on a regular basis, depending on the car manuals instructions. It is also important to get your brake fluid changed and the system flushed out every two years.

It is also vital that you check your car’s manual for how often the power steering solution needs to be changed.


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