Luxury sedans are the royal chariots of the elite class and the one percent in the 21-century. There’s a race among manufacturers to produce the most luxurious sedan and claim the number one spot. This competition has produced some very fruitful and unbelievable luxury sedans including luxury sports sedans.  Although these luxury sedans have powerful engines and mesmerizing 0-60s and top speeds their basic purpose is for their owners to be chauffeured around in luxurious comfort.

We have made a list of the top 10 production luxury sedans available in 2018;

10.  Cadillac CT6 (Platinum)

luxury sedans

Cadillac CT6 (or Cadillac Touring 6) is the company’s crown jewel produced to revive its name in the premium class large luxury sedans market. Although it is not nearly compelling enough to be compared to its German rivals but the CT6 is competent enough to make it as number 10 on our list of top 10 luxury sedans. It packs a twin-turbocharged V6 engine that produces 404 hp. The Platinum model has desirable features such as heated and ventilated seats with 15 massage settings, 4 zone climate control, dual 10-inch HD screens in the rear, and 34-speakers Bose Panaray sound system. The Super Cruise package has made the driving sweat-free with semi-autonomous driving mode and magnetic ride control.

9.  Jaguar XJL Portfolio

Jaguar XJL

The XJ have been the flagship luxury sedans of the British manufacturer for 50 years. The XJL is the long wheelbase model and offers 4.8 inches more legroom. It is powered by a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 engine that produces 340 horsepower. The XJL’s interior is stunning with added features like quilted leather upholstery, front seat massage, four-zone climate control and electric rear window sunblind. In the rear, there is a pair of reclining seats and a dual-screen entertainment system. Due to a pair of glass roof panels, the interior is well-lit. There’s a good quality Meridian stereo system which gives you a great sound experience. Though the infotainment system is quick and responsive but lacks features of the latest technology.

8.  Lexus LS 500

Lexus LS 500

Lexus is no stranger to luxury, and the Lexus LS 500 is the flagship model and the direct successor to the 4-door full-size luxury sedan; LS 400. While the Lexus LS 500 F Sport is the rival to the Mercedes Benz S560 AMG, we found the base LS 500 model to be more luxurious than the F Sport. The LS 500 features a 3.5L V6 engine that produces 416 hp helping this large luxury sedan to get from 0 to 60 in a mere 4.6 seconds. The details of this Lexus are just mesmerizing and the cabin is a work of art, the best of any Lexus yet. The Executive interior is pure luxury with features like pleated door panels, origami-inspired fabric, Kiriko Cut Glass trims, 4-zone climate control, 23-speakers Mark Levinson audio system, ventilated seats with a massager and the dashboard that is a mix of art deco striations, polished knobs LCD and the large HUD. The infotainment is a letdown and is very complicated though.

7.  Tesla Model S P100D

Tesla Model S P100D

Although it does not technically fall in luxury cars due to its body configuration, the list would’ve been incomplete without mentioning this masterpiece of art and technology. The Tesla Model S is the exemplar of green future. The enhanced autopilot and full self-driving capabilities of Model S make it among the most futuristic cars. It has set an industry standard for performance and safety by reaching 0-60 in mere 2.4 seconds and also earning highest safety ratings and lowest probability of occupant injury. It also has the longest electric range of 335 miles. The cabin layout is minimalist with sound dynamics, all-glass panoramic sunroof and the expansive 17-inch screen that works as the control center of the car. The front and rear cabins are super spacious and for the most part, all the materials have a premium feel.

6.  BMW 750i xDrive

BMW 750i xDrive

The BMW 7 series is a masterpiece among full-size luxury sedans. These luxury sedans offer cutting-edge technology and aristocratic luxury. The BMW 750i xDrive features a 4.4L turbocharged V8 engine that produces 445 hp going from 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds. The structure of this luxury sedan is made from carbon fiber, steel and aluminum that helped in shedding a substantial amount of weight and drop the center of gravity. The xDrive and semi-autonomous driving technology ensure driver satisfaction. The 750i is loaded with luxury and technology including the dual seatback mounted entertainment screens, heated and ventilated massage seats, a 7.0 inch Samsung tablet for iDrive infotainment functions, Rear Executive Lounge seat, Scent diffuser and a key with a smartphone-like screen that displays info related to this luxury sedan.

5.  Audi A8 L W12

Audi A8 L W12

Audi’s flagship luxury sedan is much more than what meets the eye and is expected to get even better this year. Audi A8 L is 5.1 inches longer providing more room in the cabin. The massive 6.3L W12 engine produces 493 bhp that’s enough to go from 0-60 in 4.7 seconds. This luxury sedan offers all that Audi is renowned for; lightweight construction, sports appeal and Quattro permanent all-wheel drive. Like all luxury sedans, the cabin features the superlative quality in the rear compartment. The A8 L features the optional relaxation seat with four different adjustment options and a footrest. The rear passengers can also control an array of functions via a separate operating unit; the rear seat remote, with its OLED display as large as a smartphone. The new A8 is also the first production automobile to have been developed specially for highly automated driving using far too advanced technology than its competitors (Mercedes and BMW).

4.  Porsche Panamera Turbo Executive

Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera is a perfect mixture of Porsche’s top-notch performance and prime luxury. This luxury sports sedan combines sporty driving thanks to Porsche advanced cockpit with a luxurious rear compartment. A twin-turbo V8 engine making a whopping 550 hp gets this luxury sports sedan from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds. The executive model has additional 15 cm to its length for more leg room in the rear compartment. The ride is seamlessly smooth with adaptive air suspension and rear-axle steering. The cabin is ambient with features like four-zone air conditioning, panoramic sunroof, side airbags, rear roll-up sunblind and power seats.

3.  Mercedes Maybach S650

Mercedes Maybach S650

Maybach badge is well-known among luxury sedans and has defined ultra-luxury for Mercedes S class for years. The Mercedes Maybach S650 super luxury sedan fashions a 6.0L AMG V12 Biturbo engine that produces a stupendous 621 hp causing it to go from 0 to 60 in just 4.6 seconds. This luxury large sedan is grand in both proportion and detail. The body is lengthened by 8 inches giving extra legroom. The cabin is luxurious than ever with Energizing Comfort Control system, which links three-zone lighting, 3D surround sound, fragrance atomizer, climate and seat massage functions to create 10-minute spa sessions. Nappa leather can be found virtually on every surface in the cabin, including the ceiling. The Intelligent Drive system ensures safety and comfort.

2.  Bentley Mulsanne EWB

Bentley Mulsanne

Bentley has a heritage of hand-crafted luxury vehicles and Mulsanne is the flagship model, so there’s little to no chance to be disappointed. The Mulsanne EWB has an extra legroom of almost 10-inches and offers a first-class experience. With its herculean 6.75 liter V-8 twin-turbocharged engine that produces 505 hp and an eight-speed automatic transmission; it is indeed a treat to drive this luxury sedan.  The interior of the Mulsanne is a leather-lined, wood embellished lounge specially designed for the affluent class owners. It comes with first-class airline-style seats’ having extendable leg rests, the rear compartment is extremely luxurious with tables having full-length consoles, power operated blackout curtains and an optional refrigerator. The interior is made of leather almost everywhere including the ceilings and the pillars. The Mulsanne is well equipped with the latest infotainment technology; supporting Apple CarPlay.

1.  Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII EWB

Rolls-Royce Phantom

Rolls-Royce is the epitome of full-size luxury sedans and the Phantom is the signature Rolls Royce; a truly iconic and lasting interpretation of the modern motor car. In the category of full-size luxury sedans, the Phantom is unmatched and unrivalled. The extended wheelbase provides almost 9 inches extra legroom in the rear. The exclusive twin-turbocharged 6.75L V12 engine produces 563 hp. The four-wheel steering improves the maneuverability of this 2,610 kg exquisite carriage. It has an interior that is tailored for kings and queens; supremely quiet and magnificently crafted cabin. The rear cabin is full of luxuries with adjustable seats that also offer a variety of massages, ankle deep carpet pile, a refrigerator mounted in the center console, starlight headliner and a whole new updated infotainment system.


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