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The jeep has been the single most successful mobile vehicle in wartime to perform a variety of tasks. It is a staple four-wheel vehicle for reconnaissance scouting, blitzkrieg and even evacuation. It is light, durable and fast on all types of terrain. The jeep’s epic repertoire of functionality in World War II allowed a variety of fiction media to tell remarkable stories of its impressive performance. Apart from war movies, video games are also very catchy. One of the many varieties of video game titles that feature jeeps and elevate it into seemingly main protagonist status is Call of Duty 3. The jeeps Vera and Lynn were named after the 1941 British music pop star and radio muse Dame Vera Lynn, also known as “The Forces’ Sweetheart.”

The British and French Campaign

There are four segments to the Call of Duty 3 game play. The American Campaign focuses on the 29th Infantry Division entering via D-Day Invasion, through the perspective of Private Nichols. The Canadian Campaign features the 4th Canadian Armored Tank Division supporting the Polish allies, seen through the point of view of Private Cole. The Polish Campaign is centered on tank pilot Corporal Bohater and his boisterous brothers-in-arms in the Polish 1st Armor Division. Finally, the British and French Campaign revolves around the exploits of Sergeant Doyle and his two Special Air Forces companions Corporal Keith and Major Ingram.

For some reason, the British and French Campaign is quite unique. Unlike the other three game segments where it follows a straightforward destroy-and-occupy strategy, the British and French missions are more of surgical guerrilla missions to harass German supplies. The British commandos coordinate with the French Resistance forces in destroying outposts in a hit-and-run maneuver. The campaign was bold and ambitious. In the introductory cut-scene of the British and French game segment, the main characters already experienced their first mess. They were forced to make a hasty parachute when their plane was shot down by German guns. The trio landed in a heavily guarded German farmstead, along with the confiscated twin jeeps Vera and Lynn. The commandos were rescued by the French rebels before the Germans nearly captured them. Their first order of business was to recover Vera and Lynn, then infiltrate and attack the nearby estate where the Germans placed the gun unit that shot down the British recon plane.

The Achievements of Vera and Lynn

The jeeps Vera and Lynn were the ultimate weapons responsible for the success of the British and French segment of Call of Duty 3. With their mobility, they were able to conduct successful guerilla campaigns and escape from harm’s way more than once. Vera and Lynn allowed the British and French insurgent coalition to cover great distances, hitting one location and another before the Germans can reinforce their assaulted bases. These jeeps have machine gun emplacements too. In most chapters of the British and French game segment, the game play system is also more of a drive-and-shoot simulation as well as navigating the jeep Vera to several highlighted locations in the mini-map.


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