When you first look at this strange car, you’ll be deceived by its distinctly old and worn-out looks. But make no mistake, this Dodge Neon SRT4 may look ancient at first, but it surely packs some punch.

Built by Mexico’s Lara Racing, this SRT4 has been equipped with an additional drivetrain at the rear, exclusively to drive the rear wheels. Even though this may not be unheard for you, but what makes this car special is its ability to run these engines separately or together at will. Thanks to this engineering, it can spin its front and rear wheels separately.

The car’s looks are distinctly ugly. Built solely for speed, this weird wonder packs a massive cooling system, tires that stick way beyond its fenders, and no back window.

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It impresses with its innovative engineering and under-the-hood capabilities, including its FWD and RWD Burnouts, quarter-mile ETs in fewer than 11 seconds with trap speeds above 160mph, and an all-wheel launch to boot.

Seen at a drag track last year, the car first performed FWD and RWD burnouts separately, and then set off spinning all wheels.

If only they had omitted the strange sound from its exhausts and its hideous looks, this SRT4 would’ve been nothing short of perfect.
Check out the dual-engine monster below.


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