The 2007 Noble M400 was the last car to hit the showrooms, as the production of it was discontinued in 2007. Although it was originally manufactured by a South African low volume car builder ‘Hi-Tech Automotive’, it was labeled with the British marque, Noble. Despite of cessation, this vehicle has managed well in sustaining its value in the sports car segment.

Today, I’ll review the features, specifications and performance of the 2007 Noble M400 to give you an idea of its nobility:



Classified as the lightweight sports car with a weight of just over 1000 kg, it has a twin-turbo 3.0 liter V6 engine. The bespoke engine map has been developed with the assistance of Roush Technologies. However, 1G Racing redesigned the car and upgraded the engine management system to produce over 450 horsepower. The torque generation capability of M400 is 530 Nm at 5,000 rpm. This allows the engine to produce 425 horsepower energy at 6,500 rpm, therefore the distance of 100 km is accomplished in just 3.2 seconds. The lightweight of the sports car blesses it with a top speed of over 300km/h. Moreover, it provides a fine gear shift experience through Getrag six-speed with Quaife automatic torque basing differential transmission.


2007 Noble M400 - ExteriorImage Credit: Automovated

The exterior design of the 2007 Noble M400 involves the specialties of Hi-Tech Automotive, which has the credit for building renowned models like Daytona Coupe, GT40, Corvette Grand Sport, Lotus Seven replica, and Parana Z-One. It has a definite two-door coupe body style and RMR layout. The overall length of the car is around 161 inches, which is quite less comparing to other roadsters of that time. However, the structure is wider than usual i.e. 74 inches. The height is a little less comparing to typical models of the same class. Special aerodynamic measurements are taken to ensure the high speed of the vehicle. To make this happen, certain adjustments are made in this model including a larger rear spoiler.


2007 Noble M400 - InteriorImage Credit: Automovated

The interior however is simpler with edgy cuts and finishes. The most commendable feature on the inner side is the Sparco sports seats covered in hardwearing black tone jacquard fabric. The comfort requirement is duly satisfied with a number of characteristics including forward and backward slanting easily adjustable seats, removable backrest and under-thigh pads. You can better adjust yourself to stiff steering column. Moreover, the seats are slightly pointed to the center of the car, which is highly valuable for circuit racing. The overall architecture including the dashboard seems quite decent considering the year it was produced in.


2007 Noble M400Image Credit: Automovated

As this is a seven year older model, no definite price could be stated. The monetary value may vary on the basis of overall condition and custom modifications. After reviewing the prices at different portals, I can value it ranging from $65K to $95K. However, you can get a nice M400 if you have a budget up to $75K. Although such price range may buy you a brand new luxury sports coupe or sedan like 2014 Corvette Stingray Coupe and Lotus Elise, but the extreme racing abilities of M400 offer the joy of the lifetime.

With impressive drivertrain, iconic design and ultimate racing features, the 2007 Noble M400 can surely compete with the latest sports car.


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