Winter weather can be a beautiful sight. It can also be your worst nightmare if your car becomes stranded during a winter storm or recent snow fall. While, most people will not be stuck somewhere very long, and hardly ever more than a day, you should still prepare for this frustration to happen at least once in life. However, by stocking just six basic items that can fit in your trunk, you will ensure yourself a tolerable time being stuck.

1)  Snow Socks and a Heavy Jacket

Being caught outside in a winter storm is not a pleasant experience. You can multiply that by ten if you are without warm, dry socks and a warm jacket to fend off freezing rain and the winter wind. As a bonus, snow socks can also be used in the place of chains for tire traction. They are large enough to wrap around the wheels giving some extra oompf when trying to get yourself over a snow hill.

2)  Extra Phone Charger

A cell phone will save your life in these situations. Since this is the case, a dead cell phone can make your life very difficult. It is a good idea to keep an extra car lighter charger to keep you at the top of your battery life. If it does not seem like it will be a long wait you can even catch up on your most recent level of Candy Crush… but this is not suggested.

3) Hand Warmers, a Warm Hat, and a Wool Blanket

Most of your body heat will escape from your head or your hands. These two body parts must be protected from the bitter cold. One will also not suffer from the inability to use their hands to change a tire due to the utter cold. A wool blanket will further your defense against the cold and help out if you are looking at the long haul. If possible, it is better to stack up on clothing and give your engine a rest. This will save on both gasoline and the amount of car power you will have.

4)  Flares and Flashers

The dark of night can make seeing a stranded person very difficult. Without flares and led flasher, you would be easily overlooked by passing traffic. Beyond this, it will seriously decrease your chances of someone wrecking into your car for lack of being able to see it. Flares should be set down around your car on the sides, front, and rear of your car. Flasher should be set in front and behind your car making sure people can see where you are.

5)  Food and Drink

As was said earlier, it is very unlikely that you will be stranded for more than one night, but it is still a good idea to have some food and drink handy. This does not have to be anything big. As simple as some energy bars, assorted snacks, and a non-carbonated energy drink of some kind. Yes, an energy drink does not sound like a great idea but the electrolytes and sugars in these drink lower the freezing temperature of a person which ensures you will still have liquid even in cold weather.

6)  A Shovel

Carrying a small shovel, preferably one that folds, will definitely have you blessing yourself if you find yourself in need of one. Useful for digging yourself out of snow. Out of all the items we mentioned, the snow shovel will be the most important one you can carry. This simple tool can sometimes make the difference between a thirty minute experience versus one that will last twenty four hours.

There may be many other useful tools that one could carry in their car but, with the above in tow, you will rarely run into a stranding situation that you cannot handle. Take some time to go look at your trunk. How ready are you?


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