The time when Ford introduced the ST Mountune it was seemed a complete package with all the right things but the folks at the GM constantly strive for perfection, and have come up with an upgrade for this little beast as well. Ford redefined the term “driving experience” by introducing the Mountune package for Focus ST.

From a Conventional Car to Speeding Bullet

2013 Ford Focus ST - Exterior

The Mountune package transforms the conventional Focus ST into a speeding bullet. This unique package features updates like high-flow sports air filter, cast-allot inlet duct, and a larger intercooler for less heat soaking. Moreover, with the recalibration of electronics, this is the best power–boosting deal.

Mountune Package Under the Lens

2013 Ford Focus ST - Interior

The Mountune power kit edges the 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine output, almost equivalent to the classic Focus RS five-cylinder. Boosting the power from 247bhp to 271bhp, the advanced kit will add a certain kick to the driving experience. The mechanism works around the larger intercooler attached to the front of radiator, which will help in less heat soaking on the extended drives. There is also a cast alloy air inlet duct fitted on the top of the car’s engine.


2013 Ford Focus ST - Performance

Focus ST lacked that encouragement to get up and go, but that has been duly addressed by the help of this kit, as it maximized the torque by 40NM. The additional speed doesn’t undermine the handling and overall performance of the car, and even in the wet, it shows no signs of trouble to get the traction control to kick in. The same can be observed in slow speed, while pulling away from a junction.


Nevertheless, one has to be careful with the throttle until the momentum is built. Similarly, when the steering power is coming from the front tires, torque steer is inevitable. This might create a stir, as at that moment, the driver will feel the steering wiggle but again, it will happen if the driver is accelerating hard.

2013 Ford Focus ST - Flaw

Once the momentum is built, ST feels like soaring through the clouds. The suspension is designed in a way that keeps the body stable and flat, and even at high speed the road grip is impressive. The additional power has certainly taken its toll on the engine noise but with the kit ― all that air rushing through the duct and filter noise is augmented.

Price and Availability

The kit costs an additional £1,275 with a black finish for intercooler and air duct while the silver finish costs £1,225. The car will be decorated with a Mountune badge on the boot lid. The installation takes only 90 minutes and can be set up by any authorized Ford dealer. This kit is exclusively available for the European market, and ironically, they always manage to get all the automotive fun. And until then, the American enthusiasts can dream on and pray for the day when GM introduces for them this privilege.


2013 Ford Focus ST - Specs

The price is £27,870, and it runs on a 2.0-litre 4cyl petrol engine with a six-speed manual transmission. The car gives a 39.2mpg/169g/km and reaches 154mph in 6 seconds.


2013 Ford Focus ST

The upgrade doesn’t affect the St’s three-year/60,000 miles warranty; the kit best suits the needs of all those who need an extra boost. It is recommended that the conventional model should be tried first, and if the adrenaline junkies still feel the urge for a kick, the kit can be installed. Only time will decide the popularity of this kit. For all those who’re in pursuit of speed and optimum performance, Mountune package is the ultimate deal!


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