The foray into buying a new, or used, car is akin to a nightmare. For some, the mere thought of having to spend their weekends trawling around dealerships is enough to make them catch the bus.

The Car Buying Dilemma

When we need a new car where do we turn? There are many options available to us. There are private dealers, such as those who advertise in the Auto Trader. There are car dealerships, which come with a cheesy salesman and the price somewhat overinflated. You can also go to the appointed, branded dealership. These, too, are renowned for being expensive.  You do have another option: the car supermarket. There are now a growing number of car supermarkets in the UK. What is more, the choice is always expanding.

The Car Supermarket Lowdown

The car supermarket is fast-becoming a firm favourite with those who are seeking a great deal on a new, or used, vehicle. Whether the supermarket has a physical presence or is just on the online marketplace, you can get a great deal on your next car.

What is more, these are becoming popular with many as a car buying process has been made easy. Of course, so many people search for their cars according to their budgetary requirements. With this in mind, searching via the online supermarket makes it easier for customers to search.

The Benefits of Car Supermarkets

The biggest benefit of the car supermarket industry is that it is not associated nor affiliated with a certain brand or model. This means that you will not get pushed into buying the latest BMW i8. You will be able to buy a car model that you want.

Aside from the easy nature of buying a car online, or via a physical car supermarket, there is so much choice. A UK dealership has a limited number of cars on its forecourt. Car supermarkets, as the name suggests, has a vast array of vehicles for your delectation. Of course, with such great choice come hard decisions.

Online Versus Supermarkets

Your car shopping needs can be done online or via a physical store. There are a wide range of internet based specialists within the UK. This means that you can a great price. For those that are keen to see the car first, there are also physical stores that you can walk around. Sandles car supermarket in Kings Lynn is a prime example of this.

However the business is conducted, you will be sure to get a great price. You will also be able to get everything that a franchised deal would offer but at a more competitive rate. Car supermarkets have no vested interests in selling you these extras.

Let’s use a simple example to highlight our case in point. Salesmen in Audi dealerships will secure higher rates of commission if you buy all of the additional extras. This is not the case with car supermarkets.

In Summary

The choice is overwhelming at a car supermarket. The great thing is, is that you can pick your make, model and car to your specific requirements online. The car supermarket has revolutionised the way we buy cars.


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