The spectacular Aston Vantage GT3 doesn’t speak much in the video teaser but shows the power of a beast on the road. The cloaked Vantage has a giant wheel archway obliging bigger road widths front and rear. Though the video teaser doesn’t show up much but it looks like the GT3 interiors positioned underneath and has the flab wider than the typical Vantage. The performance expected to be at the pinnacle as it is powered with 565 bhp or more, with seven speeds gearbox and can touch a speed of 205 mph. Preferring automated transmission over manual with quicker shift times would be the overall  superior bet.

As there is less emphasis on internal extravagance, helping it to save the extra weight in moving the car efficiently. Aston would definitely do a better job with to keep up the trustworthiness of Vantage GT3 by trimming the weight across to the required level.

The grape wine says it would be around 100 Vantage GT3’s on the roll for the Geneva motor show in March with a price tag above £150,000 made for elitist crowd.


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