Seems as if the Audi A7 line, which was introduced back in 2010 at the Paris Motor Show, is going out with a bang, as the monstrous R7 was introduced at the Detroit Motor Show back in January. Audi’s latest offering definitely packs a punch (and a big one at that!) with its 560 horsepower and a beautiful, sleek design having the world’s famous Quattro design on the bender.


Audi RS7 - Speed

Starting off with the engine, like I said before, the Audi R7 is truly a monster with a twin turbo and 4.0 liter V-8 engine, which is very similar to the S7. The S7, however, runs at 420 horsepower having 406 lb-ft torque, whereas the more powerful RS7 has a maximum horsepower of 553 at 5700 rpm and 516 lb-ft of torque. You can definitely rule the roads with this one! Although the RS7 is rather large (in an attractive way), the engineers behind the design kept it lightweight (just under 2 tonnes and 1,995 kg to be exactly) by using very strong steel and aluminum. The V-8 engine is also rather lightweight.


Audi RS7 - Exterior

Audi RS7’s acceleration time is impressive it reaches 100 km/hour from zero in just under four seconds. Depending on which option package you select, the top speeds are: 155 mph, 174 mph and 190 mph, whereas the unrestricted option can go up to 200 mph, although of course that would reduce the grip of the wheels due to high tire pressures. The RS7 releasing this year will have another bonus in shape of air suspension, which is clever on Audi’s part. The manufacturer knows well that it will attract a large American audience as they love this option (it will also be made available without it later on). And the reason is hardly surprising the air suspension would allow passengers to enjoy the smoothest of rides as the car will glide over bumps like a hovercraft.


Audi RS7 - Gearbox

The Audi RS7 is equipped with a powerful ZF sourced eight speed, torque converter automatic gearbox, a major upgrade from S7’s dual clutch automatic. The design is not too different and that’s the reason it is easy and smooth to operate. The manual mode, however, is more complicated and needs a bit of practice especially when braking, as the response is not that quick. You can switch between different driving modes for the RS7, although the most thrilling one has to be ‘Dynamic’. The engine and chassis response quicker and a light foot on the pedal can accelerate this beauty to a triple digit speed figure, although it can become rather stiff due to the air suspension option. This is enhanced even further and include an optional torque vectoring functionality and gummy 275/30 tires.


Audi RS7 - Interior

In interior luxury and comfort, the Audi RS7 is definitely a winner. It is equipped with luxurious technologies and is very spacious (it is large in size too after all). As far as cargo space is concerned, you will find other cars a better option, e.g. the cheaper CTS-V wagon.

Dashboard features enthusiasts will be happy with the Audi RS7, as it is loaded with them. It is equipped with parking sensors, cameras, radar cruise and a Wi-Fi hotspot too!


The negatives of this car are a few but they definitely do exist. The beautiful outlook of Audi RS7 is somewhat marred by the head up display which was unnecessary and seems as if it was thrown in without much thought.


Audi RS7

The starting price will be $104,900 and it will hit the markets this fall. The toughest competitors, I think, will be the M6 Gran Coupe, CLS63 AMG and the Panamera Turbo. The first two, however, are simply more luxurious looking versions of the conventional sedan. Of course, the Panamera is more precise and accurate. but I would still choose the RS7 as it looks better.


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