Trying to sell your car can be a daunting task especially if you are looking to sell it the conventional way. Trying to get a potential buyer, creating adverts and posting them in different media, setting up meetings with potential buyers for viewing, risking test drives, making endless phone calls, and handling all the necessary paperwork can be tedious and time consuming. However, there is a simpler way to sell your car without going through all that trouble.

There are honest cars for cash companies that will handle all the selling processes. They enable you to dispose the damaged car in the shortest time possible and in the easiest way.

It doesn’t matter how remote your location is, because you can sell us your car online. With offices in numerous cities all over US, including New York City, you are guaranteed a hustle free process. They have websites that are easy to use where you provide your details and make a request to sell your damage car. You do not have to spend time and resources advertising or looking for junk yards because they will come to your location.

Selling your damaged car in New York should not be a problem. With a convenient and easy to use website, you will get rid of the junk in days. A wide network of service stations and collection yards ensures that your car is collected within days. They can reach even the most remote areas and collect the most damaged vehicles. How do you sell the damage car?

Request a Quotation Online

The most important question when it comes to trying to sell your car is how much will I get for my car? You can get an instant valuation for your vehicle through an online valuation system. The amount of cash you will get for your car will perfectly match the condition and model of your car, as well as the demand and supply for the vehicle model. The valuation is always performed free of charge and by accredited experts.

Agree to the Offer

Once a valuation has been done, you will be given an offer by the representative. Your decision to sell the damaged car is personal and will depend on the offer extended. The website is accessible through any Smartphone, PC or laptop. If you accept the offer, you can now arrange with the representative for collection of the vehicle.

Pick up

The common concern for many sellers is whether they will foot the bill for towing the vehicle away. Professional car removal service providers have proper equipment and personnel to tow the vehicles. You will not be charged for these services. They will come to your yard based on the directions you provide and collect the junk vehicle.


Companies dealing with cars for cash will carry the check for the agreed amount when collecting the car. They will literary exchange the junk with the check or immediately wire the money to your account. The entire process takes a day or two without extensive paperwork.


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