October is national “Bullying Prevention Month.” Chrysler is doing its part to spread awareness with their “Drive for the Kids” program, which is supporting the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights bullying prevention initiative – also known as RFK Project SEATBELT. The campaign will include digital and social media elements, including an online “pledge” that empowers students to engage their communities to prevent bullying.

The Chrysler brand is supporting RFK Project SEATBELT’s “Trick or Treat for Bullying Prevention” campaign during the month of October. The campaign empowers students to engage their community by encouraging adults to sign a pledge to prevent bullying. Student registration and the pledge to promise to take a stand to prevent bullying can be found at www.projectseatbelt.org.  Schools participating in the Drive for the Kids program will receive a kit from RFK Project SEATBELT with bullying prevention materials to share.

RFK Project SEATBELT was designed by Dr. Deborah Temkin.  The initiative provides accessible, evidence-based resources to prevent bullying for parents, educators, and community members. And the name SEATBELT, along with being an acronym, is a response to those who say bullying is an ingrained behavior that is unlikely to change, and a reference to the profound shift in social mores over the last few decades that has made putting on a seat belt in a car an automatic behavior, where once it was considered optional. We applaud Chrysler in using its resources and brand identity to help out in this very serious problem that kids face in the U.S. every day.

SOURCE: AutoNation of CO


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