Long before there were agents Jay and Kay of the wacky intergalactic intelligence agency of planet Earth in 1998, there were already guys almost exactly like them eighteen years ago. They dress in black suits and ties, shiny shoes and suave sunglasses. But those are the only similarities. The Blues Brothers did not fight aliens, uncover a convoluted astronomical plan to destroy earth, or own a set of out-of-this-world arsenal. The Blues Brothers are a wicked mockery to the normal gray environment of a crime-ridden metropolis. The most fascinating aspect of their crime-fighting endeavor is the Bluesmobile, a Dodge Monaco sedan that seems to be a lot brighter and more reliable than the not-so-bright duo riding them. Now Dodge has the Avenger, Challenger and Dart to add to their Sedan lineup as seen at Earnhardt Dodge’s New and Used Cars—may not be as cool as the Monaco


Who and what are the Blues Brothers?

The Blues Brothers is a 1980 American musical comedy directed by John Landis. The main characters are played by John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd. During its entire filming process, several challenges have almost convinced the production team that it will turn out a complete failure. John Belushi’s abusive partying lifestyle and Dan Aykroyd’s inability to perform an unconventional script turned it into the most expensive comedy in its contemporary era. But after the release of the film, its success garnered it a second place in the box office after Star Wars: the Empire Strikes Back. It also earned a retro cult classic status. A remake called Blues Brothers 2000 was dedicated to the 20 years of its relative overseas fame.

The story is about the brothers Jake and Elwood Blues who plots a daunting campaign to save their Catholic orphanage home from foreclosure. The fact that Jake is not so happy to see his foster home sibling Elwood picking him up from jail indicates how strained their relationship was to begin with. After all, Jake was a criminal and Elwood was a cop before they were awkwardly reunited. The entire transition of the story showed how their bond was gradually improving in the midst of the challenges they have to face while striving to make their rhythm and blues gigs throughout various Chicago bars and music clubs, a triumphant fundraiser. To compound the complexity of their trials, they are not only chased by the state troopers over Elwood’s suspended license. They were also pursued by Neo Nazi gangs and rival country western bands due to other offenses they caused.

If not for the Bluesmobile…

The other way of looking at the gist of the film was, “if not for the Bluesmobile, the Blues Brothers would be nowhere.” The impressive Dodge Monaco sedan, as Elwood Blues would describe it, “is a car with a cop motor, cop tires, cop suspension and cop shocks.” This means it can sustain a very wild and protracted vehicular chase. As for its comic appeal, the Bluesmobile can perform outwardly impossible stunts like backflips and extreme jump flights over the edge of very high platforms like drawbridges. The fictional super-powered Dodge Monaco was not only the sole key to their hectic fund-raiser campaign. It was universally responsible for outrunning their pursuers.

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