A flat car battery is a serious inconvenience. It can happen at any time when you’re going anywhere, so knowing how to handle it is crucial. It could happen when you’re all alone with nobody there to advise you, so a basic knowledge of what to do will stop you from panicking. Make sure, you have performed an extensive research before you are going to purchase a new car battery, here’s a quick and simple guide to handling a flat car battery:

Car Battery

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How to Avoid A Flat Battery

First, let’s quickly discuss how to avoid a flat battery. A flat battery is most commonly caused by not using your car for a long period of time, only using it for short journeys, or leaving your lights on. You can avoid a flat battery by making sure you keep your engine turned over, and that you turn everything off. Also, you can invest in something called a battery conditioner which is a great accessory to have if you only ever take your car on short journeys. Corrosion and temperature can also be causes of a flat battery, but they aren’t as common.

Using a Car Battery Charger

Having a car battery charger is a big help if you get a flat battery. When you know how to use one, you’ll be able to start your car back up in no time at all. Have one of these in your garage just in case your car battery ever dies and you’ll be well prepared.

Using Jump Leads

If your car battery has just up and died, the only other thing you can do is use jump leads. You’ll need your leads and the help of another car to get you up and running again. The leads are ran from car to car, and will get your car started again. If you can’t access another car for whatever reason, a power pack can be used too. It’s a good idea if you can get a professional to check your car over, however, as there may be a more serious problem that needs addressing. Rather than just jump started your car and then going on your way, try to assess why this happened. Take your car for a check over as soon as you can to be safe!

A More Serious Issue

If neither of these methods work, it’s likely you have a more serious issue. Try to get your car to the nearest garage and see if they can determine what is wrong with it. A place with the lowest car, truck, and bike battery prices will save you money on getting your car up and running again. If you suspect there’s something seriously wrong with your car, get it checked over ASAP. You can’t put a price on your life, and driving around in a faulty car is certain to jeopardise it.

Use this quick and simple guide when you get a flat car battery and you should be able to solve your problem in no time at all. Be well prepared and you won’t need to worry. Come back for more soon!


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