Although the governments and scientific communities across the world have continuously shot themselves in the foot where Global Warning is concerned, nobody would argue that the way we live our lives as a civilization does have a massive impact on the environmental issues for our planet.

Being ‘green-conscious’ might well be a trend and excuse for only showering once a month, but we still need to live our lives sensibly, understanding our planet is also a living, breathing organism, just like us. This is even more important in the business world, so if you have a company that uses or sells trucks, you need to know how to ensure your truck is environmentally friendly, because it’s not just about truck sales.


Making your Truck Eco-Friendly

If we focused more time on making our trucks eco-friendly, and less time focussing on truck sales, we can make the planet a better place. As Ghandi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” And it’s true, if you want the planet to change for the good, you also have to change your ways, beginning with your truck.

Convert your Truck to Alternative Fuel

Unfortunately, using petroleum for our vehicles is still the direction we are sailing. You could convert your truck to bioalcohol fuels, such as the popular E85. Ethanol is the main component to bioalcohol, which is made by fermented sugars, creating high octane in the process. Biodiesel fuel is also another one to consider, made from soya beans, oil extracts, animal fats and peanuts. Both are much more ecologically sound than petroleum and wouldn’t affect truck sales in the slightest.

Purchase Eco-Friendly Spark Plugs

It’s the little things that count in life, ask the wife! Although they might seem miscellaneously small and unimportant at the time, lots of little things all working together makes a very good big thing, to put it in no simpler terms. How could you have a mountain without the miniscule atoms that bind together to create it?

Did you know those green spark plugs you see in the store? They have more efficient air gap firing technology, creating a powerful and longer spark that arcs towards the ground electrode, maximising the firing performance, making them more energy-efficient than the standard spark plug. They also help reduce tailpipe emissions. These magical little spark plugs will improve your vehicle’s performance while at the same time having a significant eco-friendly effect on truck sales and the environment.

Buy Eco-Friendly Motor Oil

The motor oil that is green is made of tallow, otherwise known as saturated cow fat. The green liquid can then be converted into unsaturated oil, which doesn’t clog up your engine as much as standard oil as well. Purchasing eco-friendly motor oil is another small way to positively impact the environment.

Install LED Lights in your truck

Being eco-friendly is not just about lessoning the impact that toxic emissions have on the environment, but also about energy conservation. If you are using less power/energy, it dramatically reduces your energy costs and the knock-on effect on the planet. How about using long-lasting LED lights, which are used every day in your brake lights, indicators and turn signals. For starters, they are smaller than standard LEDs, with much less material waste. They are not expensive and they are reliable and durable.

They might sound like small things that can’t really have an impact on our environment, but as mentioned above, lots of little things make the whole. Spend less time concentrating on truck sales and more time on how to ensure your truck is environmentally friendly.


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