Hundreds of vehicle accidents happen every day all across the world. Even if you think you’re the best driver around, there’s always the chance of someone else causing a disaster involving you. One of the best pieces of advice given to many new drivers is to ‘drive like no-one else knows how to.’

For this reason it’s important you’re always prepared for the worst. Of course no-one can predict when an accident will happen. Still, knowing you and your car will be in the best possible position if an accident does occur will keep your mind at ease.

Take Out Breakdown Cover

Avoid expensive garage call-out and recovery fees by taking out breakdown cover. This will ensure wherever an accident occurs an expert mechanic will be on the scene to get your car up and running again, or towed to the nearest garage, as soon as possible.

This avoids the stress of sorting out vehicle recovery during a time when you’ll already be highly sensitive. Many breakdown cover policies offer alternative transport and overnight accommodation for situations that require them. Further options can be added, such as European cover, so if you take your vehicle on holiday and are involved in an accident you’ll feel just as safe.

Be Fully Insured

Every driver should be insured as it is a legal requirement. In the event of an accident this is even more important as you could be left with huge repair bills to pay, whether it was your fault or not. This is an extra worry that isn’t necessary in the aftermath of an accident.

Check the insurance policy you take out covers all eventualities and you’ll feel safe in the immediate result of an accident. The cost of losing your no claims bonus is more than worth paying for any repairs individually.

Stay Calm

Especially if you’ve got passengers, keeping calm after an accident occurs is vital. Obviously this will be easier for more minor bumps where nobody is hurt. Take a few deep breaths to calm down and focus first, then check everyone else is alright.

Turn on your hazard lights to warn other drivers something is wrong and prevent further damage happening. Call the emergency services, if required, and exit the vehicle when there is no risk of danger. Know where your first aid kit is if needed and attend to any injuries. Having the right cover and state of mind will keep you safe in any accident.


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