After you bought a Honda vehicle for sale at a dealership like Honda of Tiffany Springs –new or used car, you have to transfer the car to your name so that everyone will know it is yours.  You can do this by getting a few requirements from the original owner and this includes the certificate of registration, the original receipt which is proof that the car is registered in the Land Transportation Office for this year and two Xerox copies of two valid IDs of the original owner. The two IDs can be a passport, a driver’s license or an SSS ID as long as the ID has a picture of the owner so you can be sure that the ID really does belong to the owner. You must present all these documents to the Land Transportation office as well as two Xerox copies of two of your valid IDs.  The process will take long so it may require you to have some patience.  It is never a good feeling that someone thinks that it is actually not your car. When you have the certificate of registration of the car then you would already have proof that the car belongs to you and that you worked real hard for it.  If you lose the original papers of your car then you are going to have to go to the attorney and that is going to be a hassle.


It will usually take about a week before the entire thing gets processed. There are some offices where you can pay them a small amount in exchange for speeding up the process.  If you are in hurry then that would be a good option.  You can also have the option of giving the documents to a fixer and they would be the one who would take care of everything and you just have to pay them something.  It is important to transfer the ownership of a vehicle at the soonest time possible instead of letting time pass without doing anything.  You could end up forgetting to do it which would prove to be heartbreaking because if you bought it from someone else then that person could still claim the vehicle to still be under his ownership.

It would be such a shame if your vehicle would fall under the wrong ownership so make sure you filled everything correctly.  If you think nobody can understand your penmanship then let someone else write it.  There is a reason why all the forms you fill up would tell you to write legibly.  A Honda vehicle would generally cost a lot of money so a lot of people would look up to you if they find out you own one even if it is an old model.  They will never find out if you bought it as a brand new model or as a used car anyway.  The important thing is that you own a car and that you worked hard in order to buy the car so you must make sure it is under your name and not someone else.


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